Perdomo Champagne

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 x 54
Wrapper: Triple fermented Connecticut
Binder and Filler: Cuban-seed Nicaraguan blend
Strength: Mild to Medium
Price: Little over $5.00 a single

Perdomo Champagne

Behind The Stick:

This is another one of those cigars that just doesn’t seem to have the detailed history that other blends do. Now Perdomo as a company has quite the history and please check out my review of the Perdomo Squared for more information about the people involved with Perdomo and a bit of their history. As far as this specific cigar goes, especially for being a 10th anniversary cigar, there is little to no information so perhaps that is due to the ‘secrets it holds’ or maybe they just didn’t publicize. Granted, the blend of cuban-seed binder and filler from Nicaragua and a triple fermented Connecticut shade wrapper makes this a highly sought after cigar. One thing I did learn was that this is the same stick as the Reserve line from Perdomo, repackaged and put into a size unique to the champagne of 5×54.

Perdomo Champagne


Another great creation from Perdomo – evenly packed from head to foot without the slightest issue I could find. The wrapper was near flawless, no blemishes or issues and carried a higher level of quality than fits the name. As always, I was worried about the band having issues, especially with the band being so large, but was very happy when the time came for the band removed just as it should – no issues or worries. I wish I could say more about this beauty, but perhaps simple and to the point is the best.

Perdomo Champagne


I will say this cigar is very good, and I really enjoyed it but the changes in flavor really required me to sit down and pay a bit more attention to it. Right from the start an initial surge of black pepper, more reminiscent of a medium or full body smoke, was very nice and really threw me off from the beginning since I was expecting a much more mild smoke from this light wrapper but it did carry a nice cream type sensation to the smoke that I associate with Connecticut shade wrappers, highly enjoyable. Once near the middle of the cigar the flavors of light coffee and earth mixed well with a higher level of pepper really making this get interesting quick. Once well within the middle portion of the smoke, the flavors seemed to remain well balanced although the complexity seemed to have tapered off, the smoke still maintaining the creamy feel and an enjoyable finish. Even down to the end, subtle adjustments to the dominant flavor would rotate between the coffee, sweet tobacco and pepper keeping me intrigued but not nearly as complex as the first half.

Perdomo Champagne


Perdomo seems to have done it again, in my eyes. This cigar, especially being their 10 year anniversary edition, seemed to be created specifically to showcase their skills as blenders and rollers. Although not a ‘new blend’ to the company, this size itself is new and seems to carry a bit more excellence to it than I remember the original blend being. A token, not a demonstration, this cheaper cigar really hit the spot as a nice mid day or even an after lunch smoke. I will make sure to keep a few of these at arms reach, although they did not impress me enough to go out and find a box just yet. Be sure to check them out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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  1. Tom

    I smoke these all the time in the morning with coffee. Just a nice smoke.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more here. this thing has construction, taste, and price all in the right area.
    I always have a few of these in my humi, a great Go To smoke

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