Perdomo Lot 23

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Size: 5¾ x 54
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder and Filler: Cuban Seed Nicaraguan aged for 3 years
Strength: Medium – Full
Price: Just under $4.00 a pop

Perdomo Lot 23

Behind The Stick:

This cigar is a release from the the famous Perdomo family and company, for a bit more of a detailed history on them please look at my review of the Perdomo Squared. I was able to pick this cigar up thanks to Cigars Direct in their cigar of the month program and was able to locate another pair at a local B&M.

Just because I enjoy the history behind the product:

Taken in full from Perdomo’s Website:

“PERDOMO LOT 23® is named after one of Tabacalera Perdomo’s prestigious farms located near its factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The blend is a combination of exquisite filler and binder tobaccos grown exclusively on the Lot 23 farm. After harvesting the tobacco and aging it in bale for four years, the cigars were rolled and aged in one of Perdomo’s large aging rooms for another six months before being sent to their office in Miami for distribution.

PERDOMO LOT 23® is a medium to full flavored blend that offers a well-balanced, complex smoking experience. The dark Ecuadorian Connecticut-shade wrapper lends not only a stunning aesthetic appeal, but it adds an elegant creaminess which complements the robust Nicaraguan fillers.”

On a more personal note, I read a quote from Nick Perdomo himself “My father and I selected a plot of land near our factory that was untouched,” he continued “We cleared the entire field, ran thorough soil analysis and carefully prepared the grounds.” The original seeds were planted in September of 2000 and harvested, fermented for a year, aged for three years and then rolled into cigars in 2005 and released in 2006 being toted as one of the ‘best new releases of 2006’ by Cigar Aficionado. For me, this specific clearing of land near the factory (closer proximity to them), a new – almost prototype of process for the cigars, as well as the realization from Nick that the tobacco did not blend well with tobacco from other fields but rather with tobacco from the same field gives me a much larger appreciation for this creation.

Perdomo Lot 23


As one should expect from this type of wrapper, there were a few veins and a very small amount of oil but nothing that seemed out of the ordinary or anything to worry about. Evenly packed from head to foot with just the slightest bit of resistance, the well made cap was easy to cut and the draw was a little loose but again, about as close to perfect as you can get. My common pet peve, the band, actually came of on its own just before I thought I would remove it, nothing like a telepathic band haha! All in all, the light, aromatic wrapper and great construction, another thumbs up for Perdomo.


There are certain cigars that just leave a distinct impression, whether they are good, bad or indifferent. This is a cigar that falls right into that category, but more on the good side. An initial surge of spice and wood really started this one off on the right track. Once the cigar was well within the sweet spot, the original wood flavor is leading the pack, the semi-sweet tobacco undertones twisting in perfect balance with the new leather sensation coming from the background, the smoke taking on a more buttery or creamy type feel. Very rich and flavorful, the cigar did lack the complexity I have grown accustomed to from Perdomo.

Perdomo Lot 23


I know were not supposed to let the price or the manufacturer effect our overall impression of a cigar, but living in a realistic world, you have to. Perhaps not the name, but when cost is a factor, an ‘okay’ cigar really can become a go to or a day to day smoke and that is where the Perdomo Lot 23 comes into this equation. Roughly $4.00 a single with a great (although not complex) blend that has been nearly identical on consistency throughout all the ones I’ve smoked, how can you not fall in love with this cigar? If I had to pick out a negative aspect of the cigar, it would be that the blend seemed a little linear, not that it was bad because the flavors that were produced tasted so well, but just that I was expecting a bit more than one or two changes throughout. I had a few and was really surprised at how much I enjoyed these though,and would even consider this as a box purchase. I highly recommend you grab a few for yourself and give them a try!

Perdomo Lot 23

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  1. Tom

    A nice and borderline value cigar. I agree for a daily smoke this fits the bill. I bought a box of these awhile back. Not a bad smoke at all!

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