Punch Rare Corojo 2011

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 x 50 ( Robusto )
Wrapper: Connecticut Corojo
Binder and Filler: Connecticut Broadleaf, Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium
Price: ~ $6.50

Behind The Stick:

One of the first cigars I ever smoked was a Punch and since then the line itself has done nothing but reinforce the enjoyment I get from them – well, except for the occasional dud that gets through – and even then I find some excuse to overlook the issue and end up purchasing more! The Rare Corojo in specific has been a borderline ‘go to cigar’ for me, not to light but not too dark, not too linear but not overly complex – so when I heard that they were releasing a 10th Anniversary edition of the blend I felt it necessary to acquire some as soon as possible.

There has been a little skuttle butt going around that the cigar is actually void of all Corojo components and only carries the name rather than the specific leafs – I personally have no clue but have heard good arguments on each side of the table. Without diving too far into the drama of that discussion – lets get on with the review!


Did you expect anything less than perfection?! Well, too bad but your going to be let down. Not nearly as rugged as some other well respected cigars in the market, the brown wrapper was pretty smooth and did not have excessive amounts of veins or blemishes, but they all felt a bit ‘off’ – I don’t know how to describe it but they seemed like they wanted to fall out of my hand while holding it. Bad example but trying to sign your name but holding the pen at the opposite end – you can make it happen but feels very awkward. Cap was well placed, no soft spots but my never ending pet peeve – band removal – proved that paper and tobacco do not need to be attached with glue, minimal damage but damage to the removal none the less.


I’m giving it away – I love this cigar. Right from the start you feel as if the cigar is a bit more on the mild side than its appearance would suggest. Light earth, hints of spice and a solid cedar backbone just tease me to keep going. The first third was pretty even paced, a few subtle changes in intensity between the earth and cedar flavors but it felt as if it was not quite ‘there’ – like it was lacking something. The 2nd third answered my silent questions, this unique ‘sweetness’ began to pick up steam and slowly moved from the background to running right along side the cedar, even overpowering the earth flavors and mild leather taste which seemed to create a vanilla bean sensation. Very cool. The final third can only be compared to the final death throws of a dying animal – the burn went haywire on a few, the flavors all took a turn for the dark, as if the tar buildup was a touch too much. I was not able to nub this one due to the final moments of its life.


I really like this cigar – really really like it – but I still wouldn’t go out and buy a box. Let me explain. Price is great, construction is ‘expected’ at its price point – maybe even a bit on the lower than expected slant, the weight and ‘feel’ of the cigar is alright but feels a touch off – – shit, just re reading that makes me second guess buying one already! The thing is that for me, this cigar delivers in the category that counts – flavor. First third is a nice buildup, evenly paced and gives me the anticipation rush that so many cigars on the market are missing right now. I also have to note that the earth, cedar, leather and hints of sweetness fell right within my preferred flavor profile so I could be a little bias on that note. Yes, this cigar did drink the foreign water and had runny, bloody diarrhea all over itself at the end – every single one I smoked I could not get past the 1 inch remaining mark without the cigar throwing a fit and requiring me to put it out. Crazy thing – I keep going back to them but figure that once I hit the main band, its time to put it down. If you can grab some, give them a shot for yourself and let me know your thoughts!

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