Punch Rare Corojo Champion

Punch Rare Corojo Champion

Size: 60 x 4.5
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran, Dominican
Price: $3.50

Punch Rare Corojo Champion

Behind The Stick:

My father-in-law helped lead me back to cigars many years ago. Whenever I see him he is usually puffing on a cigar and smoking his worries away. I always enjoy the aroma of his cigars and anytime I ask him what he is smoking in turns out to be a Punch. Now you would think since he is always smoking a Punch cigar I would have had one by now but I haven’t. I had never smoked a Punch Cigar prior to this review. It isn’t that my father-in-law doesn’t share. I seem to always have sticks on hand and almost always give something to him to make room in my humidor. I just never asked for one and if I did I know he would be happy to share. I received a 5 pack of Punch Cigars Courtesy of General Cigar and the folks at www.punchgrilling.com. I promised to do a review combined with one of their great grilling recipes from their website. I live in the Midwest and with this heat we are having this summer it thunderstorms every other day. I will do another Punch review with a recipe before the end of summer. In the meantime enjoy this review and thank you General Cigar & Punch!

Punch Rare Corojo Champion


The first thing you noticed is the odd shape of this cigar. The cigar has a 60 ring gauge at the thickest point. Given the odd shape I am amazed by how uniformly the cigar is rolled. My inspection revealed no soft spots. The wrapper is a medium shade of brown with an oily sheen. Very small veins are noticeable and the wrapper has an almost leathery look to it. The cigar has a mild aroma that is spicy and sweet.

Punch Rare Corojo Champion


The cigar lights well and burns evenly despite the odd shape. The amount of smoke coming from the cigar is very impressive. The draw is great and I first experience coffee flavors. I star to pick up a cedar flavor that has a finish that reminds me of tea. I really enjoy the aroma of the cigar and it reminds me of my father-in-law always puffing away on a Punch. Around the 2/3rd mark spiciness kicks in with woody flavors. The flavors get more intense towards the nub. The ash was white with a tint of gray and held very well.

Punch Rare Corojo Champion


I was pretty excited to smoke this odd shaped cigar. The aroma reminded me of good times smoking cigars with family. This cigar wasn’t overly complex but it was a solid and good cigar. The Punch Rare Corojo has some terrific flavor, great construction, and an excellent price. Given that, I understand why this brand is my father-in-laws everyday cigar. It left me wanting to explore more of what Punch has to offer.

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  2. keith

    that is a sweet looking vitola, and the price is killer…cant wait to give it a go

  3. user3374

    Punch rare corojo champion.. Slap-up 🙂

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    Right on my man!

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