Punch Uppercut

Punch Uppercut

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Ometepe Nicaraguan
Body: Medium to Full
Price: Just under $7.00 a stick

Behind the Stick:

Punch Cigars are made by the General Cigar company and is a very well respected company with a huge fan base. I must say, I have not smoked many Punch Cigars but the ones I have had – I can see why people favor these as much as they do. No, I do not have any Punch cigars in my humidor that I would consider a daily smoke – although they are very reasonably priced. I guess I just have not gotten the ‘Punch Bug’ although this Uppercut may be changing things.

Punch Logo

I guess the biggest hype about this cigar aside from the name notoriety is that they are now using a ‘special tobacco’ from the Ometepe region of Nicaragua. I have noticed that a lot of manufacturers are using tobacco from this region even though the humidity issue requires a lot more attention. This area is made from volcanoes and the land found here has been producing some rather impressive and unique tobacco. From what I have been able to find online, Punch had this tobacco grown exclusively for this cigar – Impressive to say the least.

Punch Uppercut


I have to point out, this is a great looking stick. The band is nice and subtle with a great looking foot band that is adorned with a wilderness image, I am assuming the site of where this tobacco was grown – Also since it has the name Ometempe. Nice dark brown


When I first lit this stick – instantly a thick tobacco flavor presented itself and was the basis for the rest of the cigar. The first third really was an invitation of mild leather and tobacco and although one may think this combination would leave a negative finish but I have to admit the finish was rather short so the ‘flavors’ were more of a hint around the strong tobacco flavor.

The second third is when this cigar really caught me, nice mellow earth, rich and sweet leather and a back setting of the original tobacco flavor which has mellowed out as well. The smoke is nice and full but does make me a little thirsty so this would be good to mix with a sipping liquor.

The last third was full body and strength, great flavors of the leather and earth remain from the second third, but our old strong tobacco flavor decides to creep back in for another appearance till the end. Might I add, this cigar had quite the nicotine ‘Uppercut’.


As I had said before, I am not one to scream about the Punch line – not that I dislike the brand or anything even close to that, just that I have not smoked more than a handful from this line. Because of this cigar, I can definitely say that has changed – I may have the ‘Punch Bug’.

This is a great cigar and will be a long standing addition to my humidor.

Every cigar has a story, every smoke a memory. Enjoy

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9 Thoughts to “Punch Uppercut”

  1. Matt M.

    What’s the price on these? I haven’t come across this stick in my travels might give it a shot.

  2. admin

    Thank you for catching that, I added the info to the top like it should be – haha – but they came in just under 7.00 a stick. A little more expensive but within range I think

  3. DJ

    Doesn’t look like a Punch at all!

  4. Hi David: I can’t wait to try one. I am and have been for years a Punch fan. I think the problem is that most brick and mortars cannot carry them at a compettive price with online retailers. The online retailers are subsidized by the Big Manufactures (ie General Cigar & Altadis). With this creating unfair pricing many brick & mortars “opt out” of carrying them. It’s a shame but it’s business.
    Thanks again for great review.
    Bill Pappy Ferrara

  5. Tom

    You truelly do find out why this cigar is called an upper cut as you smoke past the two-thirds point. truely out standing. Spot on review.

  6. Mike Fitz.

    Just picked up a few to add to my weekend Football get together. Just now finished smoking one and was quite impressed. A little spicy to begin with but down to the nub was an excellent cigar for the $5.30 I paid for it here in Houston at my local cigar shop. I am keeping the other ones for myself and not sharing it at game time with my buddies as my cigar shop is closed on Sundays. Enough said.

  7. Mike Fitz.

    Addendum to above….The price I paid was a promo. Not sure what the humidor price will be after that.

  8. Warden

    Had my first ppercut last night. Great smoke. The kind you hit…..Smile….And take a look at the stick. Started texting my buddies the experience.
    Do yourself a favor and pick one/some up.

  9. Ethan Bennett

    You hit it very spot on! I tried my first one the other night. It came in a Punch sampler pack so I was just thinking it was going to be an average cigar. But I was out fishing with one of my buddies, ask him, I said this is my new number 1. I’m not smoking anything else. Great cigar by Punch!

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