Quesada Tributo

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 x 50 ( Robusto )
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Hybrid
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican and Nicaraguan
Strength: Solid Full
Price: Give or take 5 bucks a pop

Behind The Stick:

As always, I’m a bit late to the show, but for good reasons. I received these cigars from a buddy about a year ago and they have been sitting in the bottom of my humidor ever since. While thumbing around for something to smoke, I came across these and immediately was drawn to the band – light yellow with gold and a touch of white, it really shines and catches the eye – even at the bottom of the humidor – another sacrifice to the cigar gods!

That being said, I have a feeling my review is more a rehash of the old rather than ‘breaking news’. The Tributo is a continuation of the Quesada 35th Anniversary blend but has added there special hybrid wrapper, a plant mixed from Corojo, Habano 2000, Habano Vuelta Arriba and Eucudorian Sumatra. The cigar is a tribute to 4 members of the Quesada family who are no longer with us, the 4.5 x 40 “Alvarito”, the 5 x 50 “Julio”, the 6.5 x 60 “Manolin” and the 6 x 52 torpedo “Alvaro”.

Enough history and explanations, onto the damn review!


The Quesda Tributo has one of the best looking wrappers I have seen in a while – Slightly splotchy in colors from chocolate milk to subtle brown which reminds me of a brindle coat on a dog. Evenly packed from head to toe with only the slightest bit of give at the foot band which was embossed with the name of the blend, Tributo. As always I had to be watchful of my pet peeve, the band removal and with this cigar – two bands means twice the head ache – maybe. On every smoke I had, the foot band slid off with only the slightest bit of resistance. Now, out of 3 smoked, two of them had a major bitch with trying to remove the main band but both were pulled off without damage – well, none to the cigar but the bands were destroyed.


A sweet, natural tobacco flavor began this one, hints of earth and wood mixed with a cinnamon overtone created one hell of a nice mixture – the mild leather notes adding in balancing and rounding out the flavor profile. This flavor sensation, although changing in intensity of each previously named flavor, did not have a complex or significantly large change in flavors. Rounding into the 2nd third, a bit sweeter note comes to join the crowed, very similar to chocolate or coco ( however you want to call it ) mixed with touch of black pepper taking place of the cinnamon.


Although the hype and info behind these cigars has been quite steady, the smokes never really ‘bit’ me – meaning they were good, no doubt about that, but the didn’t give me that ‘pull’ where I would start screaming about how good they are or go out and purchase a box. I am not the type where to be considered a ‘good cigar’ there has to be X number of changes, but this cigar was just flat out boring to me. I would smoke them again, even buy a pair but even at a 5 pack for 25 bucks I think there are other options out there I would prefer more.

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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One Thought to “Quesada Tributo”

  1. Tom

    The 6.6 x 60 size really hits the spot for me. It’s been a mainstay in my rotation for awhile now.

    But as we all know, your mileage may vary. I’ve never had this size, so I may have to try it and see if I feel the same as you.

    Either way the review is appreciated. Rock on!

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