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Cigar Review: Ramon Allones Habana Exclusivo Asia Pacifico

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Size: 47 x 7 (Churchill)
Wrapper: Cuban
Binder and Filler: Cuban
Strength: Medium
Price: Unknown

Ramon Allones Habana

Behind The Stick:

First and foremost – I have to give a big thank you out to Cigarsthomas – not only is he an alright COD player, he’s a great guy and a perfect BOTL. I had made mention to him that I had only tried one type of Cuban cigar, and he did more than help me correct the errors of my ways! Again, thank you so much for this!

Here comes to us another great creation from the island just south of Miami, Florida. This one, the Ramon Allones was actually created in 1845 and has been toted as being the first of many different aspects of the cigar world that we take for granted today. Rumors support that they were the first to use colorful lithographs for box art, the first to use bands on their cigars and the first to package their cigars in the “8-9-8” style although there any many arguments to these statements.

Ramon Allones Habana Exclusivo

Like many of the original Cuban cigar companies starting in the mid 1800’s – the factories changed owners frequently but this factory was finally purchased by the Cifuentes family (who also own Partagas) and moved production to their Partagas factory – continuing their production from this factory even today.

One of the more lucky Cigar manufacturers, after the Revolution production continued without issues, increasing their popularity throughout the decades, some even comparing the body, size and packaging as similar to the Partagas counterpart. Due to the purchase of prime stock in Habanos Sa, Altadis has a stronger control over the Ramon Allones name, decreasing the production of different sizes and even discontinued a highly acclaimed and well purchased Coronas. Throughout the years following 2005, Ramon Allones has been a very popular choice with many importers for special ‘Edicion Regional’ series – this one in specific being a release in 2006 for the Asia Pacific region.

Ramon Allones Habana Exclusivo


As you can tell in the pictures, this cigar truly was created by masters in just about every aspect. Evenly packed from head to foot (quite an achievement in my opinion due to the size) with only the slightest bit of give at the end – more of an invitation rather than anything else. A few medium sized veins ran the length of the cigar, but nothing I thought would be a problem (I said thought haha). As with every cigar I smoke, my pet peeve of band removal came to a head -the bands both removed without any unneeded effort, I have to put this on the list as being in the top 5.

Ramon Allones Habana Exclusivo


Right from the beginning this stick just pours out a super smooth and mildly creamy smoke which I just can’t speak highly enough about. Initially your hit with a nice black pepper, not the stinging portion but just the flavor. Mixing with the natural tobacco flavor and the pepper the Ramon Allones really took on a mind of its own changing from a more dramatic pepper to a lesser form adding in a few sweet notes (I couldn’t pin point them) and a balanced woody sensation. Just as soon as I had nailed down the wood flavor and was trying to pick out the sweetness the undertone of natural tobacco left, being replaced with an amazing light hay or grassy taste.

Now granted, we are just within the first half. Once the cigar was really cooking the body decided it was time to step up now solidly within the medium range. The flavors from before seemed to have a little party, each one taking its turn to come to the foreground and then slip back into the crowd. After I had crossed the halfway point and my mind started to wander I was put back on track by a rather unexpected bitter sensation – leather. Through to the end the addition of leather and the increased pepper flavor from before carried this one till the very end.

Ramon Allones Habana


This is a cigar that I was only able to try due to a single BOTL I had met on twitter. Thomas has done nothing but help me along the way (a little ball busting and post office practical jokes later) he sent me this cigar along with a few others to try. He mentioned to me to ‘be sure to make this a special smoke’ so I finally decided I wanted it to be my first ‘deck gar’ of the new house, outside in the back with the new dogs and some great scotch.

I have no idea how much this cigar costs or where you may be able to find one. I do know that since this was the Asia Exclusive, they were produced in 2006 and only released to a very select retail establishments. If I could find more, even if they were $30.00 usd a piece, I think I’d have to pick a few up right there. I will be sure to search through the Ramon Allones line and see if I can find the blend or maybe someone who will spare a few! Great construction, perfect draw, very complex – although lighter in body than I had originally expected, I can’t complain. One vein seemed to cause a weird burn issue but moving past that it was more ‘fun’ than detrimental to the cigar. If you get a chance to find some, by all means pick them up, send me one and enjoy the rest!

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    Are there any other Asian pacific-specific cigars?

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    I just bought my first bottle about 2 weeks ago, I’m almost done with it! Its simply amazing

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