Review: Siglo Maduro

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Wrapper: Ecuadorian Cubano
Binder and Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic
Strength: Medium-Full Bodied
Price: ~ $75.00 for 20 or $3.75 each

Behind The Stick:

No – this is not a Cuban cigar so if that is what you are looking for, turn away now. This is actually the Siglo ‘Limited Edition’ that is sporting a Maduro wrapper – Altidas created and NOT Cuban created ( Have I said this is not a Cuban Cigar? ) . Now that we have those details out of the way, onto what may or may not be a great, cheap smoke. This cigar, although not new to the market – does not seem to have been as well received within the cigar community as other releases from Altidas, not that this scenario is a new thing to Altidas. These cigars were actually developed under the careful hands of Master Blender Frank Llaneza – the Altidas website describing this as ‘Siglo Limited Reserve blends an Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper with a Broadleaf binder and Dominican and Nicaraguan filler for a bold flavor and complex taste.’ Well – that is about as broad of a description as you can get! Lets see if this sub $4.00 cigar is great, or leaves more to be desired.


Even if you are one of those ‘everything Altidas makes is crap’ type of people – when you look at this cigar you can’t help but smile. Evenly packed from head to foot, the maduro wrapper is not nearly as oily as some other maduros on the shelf – but it calls your attention none the less. The yellow band ( aside from looking like a Cuban Cohiba knock off — ish ) really sits well against this dark wrapper – in my opinion, more so than the rest of the siglo line at least. The smell is not too potent and the draw was right where I like it – a little more lose than a freshly made milkshake. Okay – Altidas – lets see what else you can do.


If I were to compare this smoke with anything else – the ‘get go’ slightly reminded me of a Davidoff, not due to the texture of the smoke or the quality of the cigar, but that distinct metallic ‘tang’ that was present from the start. A few light notes of sweetness, nuts and earth twisted and tangled with one another while a pleasant pepper was noticeable on the retrohale. The second third gave way to an almost Cuban-like grassy flavor profile – very mild, sweet with a distinct but short finish. Not at all what I was expecting from this cigar! The last third rounded this grass out into a very hot pepper and grass combo with just a hint of that great earth flavor from before shining through.


When I first looked at this cigar, I thought for sure it was going to be the classic chocolate, bitter sweet and leather Maduro we all have grown accustomed to. It was actually very refreshing to try a Maduro that still carried the Maduro quality and characteristics but went against the gain all the same. I guess you could say this isn’t your dad’s maduro cigar! That being said, in the sub $4.00 range this cigar performed really well although if I were to smoke this in public I may still remove the band and say I got it from a buddy and I’m not sure what kind of cigar it is haha! That being said – if you are at the B&M and your looking for a cigar you have not tried yet or want something thats a bit on the cheaper side I would recommend the Siglo Maduro to most smokers out there. If you have had a chance to give one a shot, let me know your thoughts!

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    Hello there, You have done an excellent job. I’ll certainly digg it and personally recommend to my friends. Not a smoke I’ve had before but okay

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    Easy to understand,I like it!

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