Rocky Patel 1961

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Size: 5 x 50 Robusto
Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder and Filler: Honduran and Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium
Price: Just over $6.00/single

Rocky Patel 1961

Behind The Stick:

Here we go, another ‘new blend’ to come out of the famous Rocky Patel line. I’ve heard it said before that it is not a difficult challenge for everyone to enjoy at least one of Rocky’s blends, simply because he has so many different types. It seems like every time I think I have at minimum heard about all his cigars I find 5 more that I never even knew existed. The 1961 blend, which was one of three blends he released at the most recent IPCPR, is the first to be made at the Tabacalera Villa Cuba, Rocky’s newest factory in Nicaragua.

The 1961 commemorates the year of his birth which I think the way they made this band is one of the more appealing of his bands that have been produced lately. This is not the standard single or dual color band that has a shiny RP emblem but rather a more rugged – in your face kind of band and I like it.

I was able pick this cigar up via Texcigars – head over and pick yourself up a few and check them out yourself!

Rocky Patel 1961


One thing that Rocky really has improved on (in my opinion) is the construction of his entire line of cigars. Perhaps it is because this cigar is named after his birth year, perhaps its because it was made in his new factory and he wanting to ensure high quality from the beginning – whatever it is that he did, my hat goes off to him.

Sweet dark chocolate coloring with minimal veins and a slightly rough wrapper which was evenly packed – well, almost over packed you may comment. I say that because this stick felt like a lead weight, not only heavy from size but also jam packed dense and full of tobacco. On two of these cigars that I had, I did notice that the band stuck to the wrapper and did cause some issues when I removed it, but the others I had seemed to have no issues, perhaps a minor oversight on a new product. All in all, I think the construction more than deserves the RP emblem.

Rocky Patel 1961


The flavor profile was alright – I’m sorry Rocky but it just was not one of your ‘knock it out of the park’ smokes. Nice, sweet earth started this cigar off but roughly by midpoint of the first third, the body of the cigar was easily in the full range, a mild pepper joining the sweet earth and creating a very enjoyable flavor profile. The middle portion of the smoke seemed to be the real transition period, nothing really jumped out at me as ‘hey, it tastes like _____” but the changes were enjoyable and kept me interested in the smoke. Around the last third, the cigar took a turn to the darker side, coffee and nut type flavors as well as a mild bitterness started to counteract the semi-sweet flavors from before. As I said, not a bad cigar by any means, and one I would try again but it just didn’t ‘wow’ me like I was expecting from a cigar carrying the birth date of the manufacturer.

Rocky Patel 1961


This is a stick I would probably smoke after lunch if I was planning on working in the yard or on the car, not that it is bad by any stretch of the imagination, just rather that the first 10 to 15 minutes is where this cigar really shines. After the initial third the flavor remains pleasant but please do not think that your going to be getting very many flavor changes, or complexity, out of this one. The price is one of the more appealing aspects and makes it a great ‘working cigar’ – I would not be afraid to set this one down (and return later) near the half way point for fear of throwing 5 to 10 dollars worth of cigar out (which I did once) and even after relighting the Rocky Patel 1961, the flavor didn’t ‘drop off’ or go bland or bitter so that was very impressive to me. All in all, for the price I highly recommend you pick one up but this would not be a box recommendation at this time.

Rocky Patel 1961

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  1. I enjoyed the 1961. I think this cigar will improve tremendously with some age on it.

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