Rocky Patel Puro Cubano

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5.5 x 50
Wrapper: Habano Leaf
Binder and Filler: Dominican / Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium
Price: Roughly $5.00 a piece

Rocky Patel Puro Cubano

Behind The Stick:

In all his glory, Rocky Patel has been able to produce yet another blend to be released to his already huge line. If you are not familiar with Rocky, please take a moment and crawl out from you rock, as well as check out a google search on his name – the information, history behind this man and the cigars he makes are just simply too much for me to list here.

In specific to this cigar, Rocky was trying to produce a more strong, full body blend before the SCHIP taxes were imposed. The drawback being, although the flavor profile was similar to what he wanted, the body only reached the medium mark but had already been put into production so stopping was not an option. From what I have been able to hear in rumors, he may plan on selling out of this current stock and then re-releasing the blend once they have perfected it as full body.

Rocky Patel Puro Cubano


Even when considering the shear number of cigars that this company produces, I keep finding myself taken back by the majority of his products. The reason I say this is because although I have read and hear stories, I personally have never had a poorly constructed Rocky Patel – this one being no exception. Evenly packed from head to foot responding with the slightest bit of give near the foot displaying very minimal veins and no blemishes to the wrapper. As always, my pet peeve is the band and that is where this one had to fail on me – the band seemed to have just a little bit too much glue which carried over to the wrapper causing minimal (but still there) damage when removing it.

Rocky Patel Puro Cubano


It seems to me that Rocky decided to get on what I personally feel is a well established trend – this is said because when I first lit up this cigar it shocks your system with a nice healthy punch of pepper and spices. Once the cigar had a change to get going, the pepper released its strangle hold on my taste buds and a mouth watering surge or leather and dark coffee started mixing with the natural earthy tobacco flavor. This flavor pretty much held tight, slight modifications to the profile as it progressed but nothing that seemed to jump out at me, just different intensities of the flavors making this very enjoyable.

Rocky Patel Puro Cubano


I am not the hugest Rockey fan – I like a few of his cigars but I am not one of those individuals that have 60% or more of their personal smokes dedicated to his line. That being said, I really did like this smoke and think that the medium body really works in comparison to his attempt at a full body. This cigar was perfect for me after a big lunch on the car ride home although it did seem to dry out my mouth a bit. When it comes down to it, a great flavor profile, more than acceptable price and a name that continues to provide excellent quality and consistency I have to recommend these. Not quite at that box purchase level for me, but I would be very happy to keep a 5 pack around. None the less – go out and give them a shot for yourself and let me know your thoughts!

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