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Cigar Review : Sam Leccia Luchador



This is Sam Leccia’s 3rd line, released in 2014 on May 5th, or as some of you may know it, Cinco de Mayo.


There are quite a few Mexican orientated themes going on with this cigar. The band is filled with colors of the Mexican flag. The wrapper is from the San Andres region of Mexico. Also it was released on Cinco de Mayo. The Mexican theme are the names of vitolas that the Luchador is available in:

El Hombre – 5×54

El Castigo – 6×60

El Guapo – 6×50

Loco Perfecto – 6 x 58.


The band is a Luchador mask. The detail in the mask is amazing. On the band there is the letters L and T stands for Leccia Tobacco. There is quite a bit of detail that i dont usually see in other cigar bands.The San Andres wrapper is a nice dark and oily wrapper. Very  rustic looking. It looks like a vintage stick that is screaming your going to love me ! The cap on the cigar is a nipple cap.



Taking a look up and down the barrel of the luchador it was put together with great skill and precision . The construction looks perfect. After clipping I dry draw and had a fantastic amount of air coming through the barrel. I always do the dry draw bc i love to get the dry tobacco taste and get my buds drooling ! The smoke just starts pouring off this cigar. I wasn’t expecting that much smoke. This luchador starts off great and is burning nice and even all the way through the first third.


The second third continues the flavor and lots of smoke. It’s a nice solid ash that shows just how great the construction is as it burns. I personally love watching the ash and i think it tells a story of how it was constructed, the different lines and bumps etc. and on this ash i could tell the quality!


The pre light of this Sam Leccia Luchador brings out a nice grassy hay  like taste. Once I get the cigar lit,I get a spice flavor that is amazing . That spice hits you right in the face, and  it awesome. There’s a thick dose of black pepper followed with a nice note of char.


During the 2nd third the spice simmers down and i enjoy a sweet flavor to add to this already amazing cigar!

The final third i was blown away with the returning of the spice, sweetness and all the wonderful flavors coming at me! For sure a great way to end a cigar!

Would I Buy It Again?

For sure

Is It an Every Day Smoke?

Possibly depending on your budget

Would I Buy a Box?

Yes, for the right price.


I love how the flavors shifted gears between the different sections. I personally love a cigar that puts off lots of smoke and this was a winner. So if the Sam Leccia Luchador sounds like something you might want to try and for the best price, check them out at !

Jared E

Jared E.


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