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Short Review: Ramon Allones Specially Selected

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Just to spice things up a bit I thought I would fire off the occasional Short Review which would consist of a 1-2 paragraph review that is quick & right to the point.    In today’s hectic world I think we can all appreciate an opinion that pulls no punches and offers a brief meat & potatoes opinion.    

 Here we go:

At 4-7/8 inches & 50 ring the Ramon Allones Specially Selected is a robusto that prices out at right around $12cdn.    Excellent construction & sweet grass odours from the foot of the cigar offer a pleasant beginning for my eyes & nose while the raisin flavors I taste from the cold draw really get me ready to light up!    A perfect draw provides plenty of smoke to bath my palate in sweet grass & light chocolate flavours for the first half while light tea & nuts join the show at the mid point.     The finish on this robusto downshifts into a warm mineral conclusion that wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either.

In Short: The first 3/4 of the Ramon Allones Specially Selected is very enjoyable & it likely turned a bit warm & mineral at the very end because I smoked too quickly & didn’t give it time to rest.    Chalk the subpar finish up to operator error & give the RASS a chance.    I think it’s a winner.

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