Smoke Inn Padron 1964 Natural

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Size: 6 x 60 ( Double Toro )
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium – Full
Price: ~ $18.50

Behind The Stick:

My fault on the massive delay for this review – Smoke Inn had released these smokes in celebration of their 15th anniversary of being in business. Smoke Inn has been a South Florida staple in the cigar world for years, and aside from there excellent customer service, huge selection and good prices they have also been releasing some very exciting and new products to the market under there umbrella. This release in specific though is the Padon 1964-SI which has been produced in a 60 ring gauge, is actually the same blend as normal 1964’s ( natural and maduro ) but that the wrapper to ratio change ( ring gauge ) has created a ‘very unique smoke and taste’. These cigars will be offered in 5 packs and 15 count boxes.

If your into the whats ‘down the road’, Smoke Inn will be releasing 4 different ‘special’ cigars – the Tatuaje Anarchy in 2010, the Padron in early 2011, the My Father El Hijo in summer of 2011 and a Fuente to wrap things up! Without any more of a delay – into the review we go!


I’m a big fan of Padrons, but I gotta say this monster ring gauge was a bit out of my comfort zone. This is one big cigar. Regardless of the size, this Padron is almost identical in construction to its smaller brothers – evenly packed from head to foot, blemish free wrapper, minimal veins and a well placed flat head cap. This cigar is a bit box pressed but not nearly as pronounced as the other 1964’s – kind of that ‘middle ground’ area. My one bitch, as always – came through in flying colors – the removal of the band proved to be… difficult. No damage to the cigar but the band was completely destroyed.


Now after all the hype, mild intimidation and suspense – down to what really counts, the flavor. Although a little slow on the start, this chimney of a cigar produced some very enjoyable cedar and coffee sensations that just covered my taste buds. The retrohale reminded me exactly of a Padron, burning sensations beyond words through my nose – but then again I am also not a huge retrohale smoker. The transition flavors from first to second third was accompanied by a wisp or two of leather – shortly followed by a dial being turned from medium, to full. The flavors themselves got a bit deeper, the sweetness was all but gone except for a few chocolate notes and the coffee flavors seemed a bit more in the espresso range – not bad if I do say so my self! Surprisingly enough, the last third this cigar seemed to put on the brakes and really mellowed out – I wouldn’t go as far as creamy as others have commented but it was a nice change from the dark flavors, the sweetness returned with an added coco punch but was also rounded out by some light nutty flavors.


First and foremost, this cigar produces one of the largest volumes of smoke I have ever encountered – making the flavors quite rich and easy to pick out although the excess smoke did do a number on drying out my mouth. This cigar also took a bit to smoke, getting close to that 2 hour mark – so make sure you have time and liquid to spare! That being said, these cigars are awesome. Yes – they are pretty expensive and in my opinion should be treated as the ‘special occasion’ cigar that they are. Just shy of 20 bucks a pop, the customer is expecting a lot and I have to admit, this is one of those cigars that delivers, although the large 6 x 60 size might be a bit intimidating for some.

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