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Tabacos El Triunfador

Okay okay I know, I am the last review site to give the Tabacos El Triunfador a try but hey – save the best for last right?! I don’t have any good excuses other than it just has not hit my radar – well @general_griff on twitter sent me a bomb with two of these included so I figured this would be the perfect time to try them out. I know all the information about the cigar and Pete and what have ya can be found on a bunch of different sites – and the fact that I was only able to smoke a pair I don’t want to dive too far into a full on review but how about another installment of ‘Just a Taste’.

I have to say, the construction and feel of this cigar is just top notch. The wrapper feels as if it has a bunch of small hairs on it, not quite velvet to the touch but much softer than some of the other cigars produced by Tatuaje. This surprise carried over into the actual quality of the smoke which had this silky smooth feel to it – not creamy like a Connecticut but ‘silky’ if that makes sense. Right from the get go an exceptional wood, leather and ‘rich tobacco’ flavor seemed to permeate my taste buds for the majority of the first half. With the retrohale an enjoyable (even for me) light pepper sensation added that extra ‘oomph’ to really carry this cigar though. Rounding the edge and into the final stretch, I started to notice a few coffee notes coming in from the background which ended up exchanging places with the wood flavors from before, this new flavor combination although enjoyable – missed some ‘zing’ that the first half had.

I have to say – there wasn’t anything ‘bad’ about this cigar but there was not anything that screamed out to me as a ‘knock out of the park’ and actually on one of the cigars, it seemed to self destruct near the end – to me thats a major fail. Would I go out and purchase some for myself? Yes – but I would only get a 3 or 5 pack. Although good as I had stated, these just didn’t strike me as a cigar I would want to go grab a box of but I would enjoy smoking them again. Give them a shot for yourself and let me know your thoughts!

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