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An Afternoon at LFD

Last month I was able to spend an afternoon with Antonio Gomez at the La Flor Dominicana factory in Tamboril, Dominican Republic and I wanted to share our afternoon with you guys! For a little bit of background, La Flor Dominicana was started in 1994 by Litto Gomez Diez, a former Jewler who decided to get into the cigar making business after his Miami based jewelry store was robbed at gunpoint. In 1996, their first full year of production, La Flor Dominicana produced 300,00 cigars and only 3 years later,…

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Cigar Review 

Cigar Review: The Candela Series Part 2: La Flor Dominicana Double Claro

In 2012 La Flor Dominicana released a new line, the Double Claro.  Double Claro is nothing more than the proper name for the wrapper we know as candela.  The LFD Double Claro is a big departure from the very dark and usually oily wrappers we see most often on LFD cigars.  Another differentiator is that most candela cigars are seasonal or limited release, the LFD Double Claro is a full production core line product.  The Double Claro comes in three vitolas and ranges in price from $6.50 – $8.00 depending…

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