Editorial: The Future Looks Bright For General Cigars

The recent acquisitions of Toraño Cigars and Leccia Tobacco by General Cigar have created a large amount of buzz in the cigar community. Theories are flying from all angles as to why and what and so on. Many are speculating that the FDA might have been a driving factor, while some feel it may have just been a smart financial business move. There are also plenty who fear the possibility of re-blending could “ruin” what are wildly popular and successful cigars. As we look at General Cigar as a company…

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Cigar News: General Cigar Hires/Acquires Leccia

Today in a press release General Cigar announced that they have hired Sam Leccia and acquired Leccia Tobacco.  This news comes almost one week after news broke of General acquiring Torano Cigars.  Below is the press release from General. Richmond, VA — General Cigar Company is excited to announce today they have hired Sam Leccia as “Cigar and Blend Specialist.” General Cigar has also acquired the Leccia Tobacco Company cigar brands, as part of the Foundry Tobacco Company, and will market and distribute the Black, White and Luchador lines, effective…

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News: Sam Leccia Is Back РNow With Tora̱o Family Cigar Co.

SAM LECCIA IS BACK! Sam Leccia is back. After an absence of more than two years from the premium cigar industry, Leccia is excited to announce the launch of Leccia Tobacco. The Leccia Tobacco brand will encompass a variety of different products, beginning with the Spring release of its first cigar brand called “Black and White.” Black and White will consist of two different cigar blends. The Black blend is being manufactured in the Dominican Republic and the White blend is being manufactured in Nicaragua. Both blends are very different,…

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