Libation Review 

Libation Review: 4 Hands Bona Fide

Behind The Booze: Another beer to come out of a place very near and dear to my heart – St. Louis, Missouri. The 4 Hands Brewery is located just south of Busch Stadium ( South 8th St ) yet has perfected the ‘hidden in plain sight’ location. For years I have gotten off at the exit that literally is a straight shot from the highway, driven past it to friends houses or ball games and even had done a U-turn in the parking lot, looking for the damn brewery itself!…

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Cigar Editorial: The Smoker vs The Connoisseur

Last night I was at a little get together to watch college football, Hook’em Horns, and as always I brought along my travel humidor.  After eating one of the guys asked my friend who was hosting if he minding him smoking a cigar on his patio, my buddy instantly looked at me and started laughing as we have had many on the patio while watching the games.  The guest pulled a cigar from his shirt pocket and lit it.  I decided that this was my que to break out the…

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Editorial: Getting Your Settings Right

Since so much of cigar smoking is about slowing down and relaxing I believe that the setting in which we enjoy our cigars has a huge impact on what we get out of them. Cigarette smoker don’t tend to have a favorite place or time of day to enjoy a cigarette, yet so many cigar smokers can sit down and take several minutes to describe what they feel is the perfect setting for a cigar. As I sit here in an empty cigar lounge, just my computer, my cigar, a…

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Cigar Review : Davidoff Nicaragua Short Corona

Size: 3.75 x 46 Short Corona Wrapper: Ten Year Old Habano Seed Nicaraguan Rosado Binder and Filler: Nicaragua ( Esteli, Condega and Ometempe ) Strength: Medium Price: ~ $14.00 usd each Behind The Stick: Within the cigar industry – there are only a few names that have transcended the expanse of time, countries, owners and farmers. One of those names which is not only respected and known but thriving, is the Davidoff company. While I am not going into the history of the cigar company but suffice to say with…

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