Cigar News : Staten Island Man Accused Of Millions In Unpaid Taxes

Originally reported from CBS New York, a Staten Island man is currently being pursued after allegations revolving around failure to pay over $6.1 million in back taxes owed to the state. Aamir Sulaiman is currently facing charges which include criminal tax fraud and falsifying business records as stated by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman earlier today. It has been stated that Sulaiman’s company was involved in the purchase of millions of cigars from multiple retailers in Pennsylvania and re-sold throughout the state of New York, avoiding the sales tax due to…

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News: More Taxes On The Horizon?

Below is an article found at BusinessMirror that really made me a bit nervous. Essentially it is talking about going over the old, current and future aspects of the ‘sin’ tax that us American’s pay for every time we purchase tobacco or alcohol. Without giving too much away, please leave a comment with your thoughts on this new ‘proposition’. Onto the article! The Senate, on motion of Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, agreed on Monday to summon Trade Secretary Gregorio Domingo to shed light on a possible breach of the 1994 General…

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