Tatuaje Series P

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 5/8 x 46
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium
Price: Just over $3.00 each

Tatuaje Series P

Behind The Stick:

The Tatuaje Series P, not a ‘new’ cigar to the world but within recent months I have heard more and more people talk about them so I had to find some for myself. These are the creation from Pete Johnson and Jose Pepin Garcia in a response to a more economy driven decision – not only being very cost effective but also containing 31 cigars to a box. From what I have been able to find out, these actually are made up of the same filler blend as the Tatuaje Havana VI and rumor has it that they may even be using the scrap tobacco from the Havana (doesn’t bother me) using a mix of 40% long and 60% medium filler.

Enough of an introduction for this one, lets see how well it performs!

Tatuaje Series P


My main fear when inspecting this cigar was my previous experiences with sandwich or ‘mixed filler’ cigars which almost always ended with a few cuss words and throwing the cigar out before it was done. Splitting wrappers, burn issues and even a tendency for draw problems really made me pay special attention to this one. Perhaps I got the best of the grouping but my only issue was that the burn needed to be corrected about half way through – I can live with that. There were a few soft spots but again with the nature of this cigar I really was not concerned. The band removed easily and has zero residue left over onto the wrapper – bonus in my book.

Tatjuae Series P


Although very simple in respect to the complexity of the cigar, I have to admit I really like these. Mainly these carry a very solid, sweet tobacco type flavor with a nice mild spice ‘kick’. Even when I smoked these down to my finger tips the flavor never really deviated, no ammonia or tar flavor which even for some of the bigger names is a feat they can not pull off. Consistent and well-balanced overall a great flavor.

Tatjuae Series P


I know I might catch some flack for this, but I really like this smoke. There is no way this would compare with some of the more complex cigars on the market but for what it presents, it was (for me at least) very consistent and really didn’t have any issues. Sure the burn went off a little, but even some of the ‘best cigars in the world’ can have the same issue. I not only would recommend these, but given the bang for the buck, I would actually consider this to be a box purchase – they are that good. Being a medium body smoke and not a nicotine bomb, I could see these being appropriate almost any time of day. The sound of the flavor profile probably didn’t increase your heart rate or cause you to make a note to go pick them up, but in plain words – get a few and try them for yourself.

Tatjuae Series P

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