Tatuaje Monster Series #3 – The Face

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Tatuaje Monster Series #3 – The Face

by Brian B

Size: 6 3/8″ x 56
Wrapper: Mexican
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: ~$13.00

Behind the Stick: This is the 3rd in the limited edition Monster Series, released by Pete Johnson of Tatuaje cigars every Halloween. According to Tatuajecigars.com, the name “The Face” is in honor of the horror film star, Leatherface, from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films. 666 limited edition boxes with 13 cigars were released on the 13th of October with another 1300 plain boxes of 10 cigars released the week of Halloween. I watched a few retailers for the second release since I only wanted to try the cigar, and was lucky enough to snag a plain box of 10.

Construction: Despite Pete saying he wanted to use a gnarly looking wrapper, this cigar actually has a beautiful, oily wrapper with very few veins. It has a shag foot and where your cigar band would normally be is a lighter, rough looking piece of tobacco that does a really good job of mimicking Leatherface’s skin mask. The cigar is firm without any soft spots, and has a perfect draw.

Flavor: The pre-light draw brings a strong, but unique sweet tobacco/chocolate taste. The light and first few draws brought a burst of sweet cocoa, but along with it the signature Tatuaje spiciness. The sweetness dies off almost immediately, while the spicy, black pepper flavor grows. In the background I’m getting hints of coffee, caramel, and hints of dark chocolate. Surprisingly enough, after about an inch the spiciness has died down considerably. This is not what I’m used to getting from average Tatuaje stick. To it’s credit though, the smoke is very smooth and creamy, which pairs well with the previous coffee, caramel, and chocolate hints that have since grown slightly stronger (although perhaps the retreat of the spice has allowed them to shine and not be overpowered).

So far, the second half of the cigar is much like the first. Surprisingly mild, with hints of flavors, an overall sweetness that I am still surprised by, and plentiful creamy smoke. I’m just hitting the “band” and I’m getting some interesting cinnamon hints, a little more spice, and stronger coffee notes. The cigar has picked up in strength and flavor towards the end, which is unfortunate since there is only a little left, but nice nonetheless. After passing the band it started smoking pretty hot (although not a surprise) and I decided that it was time to finish this stick up.

Overall: With all the hype built up around the Monster series, I’m not sure if that left an otherwise good cigar lacking, or if it was just the cigar itself. Nothing about the cigar was bad. The flavors were good, the construction was impeccable, the burn was great, and this is definitely a cigar I will smoke again. Having said that though, I don’t feel disappointed that I won’t be able to buy any more of these limited smokes, and I’ll just enjoy the remainder of my box. With Tatuajecigars.com listing the cigar as a 4.5 out of 5 for strength, the only strength I really noticed was in the first inch of the cigar and the end where I was getting the nicotine build up. In all honesty this was a fairly mild cigar, with good, consistent flavor, but not much change or development throughout the cigar.

Smoke time: 2 hours 10 minutes

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One Thought to “Tatuaje Monster Series #3 – The Face”

  1. boomerd35

    Good review. I agree with the review, but I didn’t think they were as mild as you probably did. However, they were definitely not as strong as some other Tatuajes. I think maybe we expect too much out of these Tatuaje limited releases- but with their price points being so high, we probably should expect alot. Overall, I really liked the Face.

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