Tatuaje Petite Cazadore Reserva

The Cigar Nut

Size: 4″ x 40
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: ~$4.00

Behind the Stick: Another of Pete’s new sticks in 2010, this cigar was met with much excitement and enthusiasm when it was released. Rolled at the Nicaragua factory instead of the Miami factory, along with sharing the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper with its other Nicaraguan rolled brothers in the Reserva line, this cigar varied a bit from the original Habano wrapper cigars in the Reserva series. At a great size and a good price, along with being a regular release, this cigar would prove to be a hit. Sharing the same diminutive size as the Verocu No.5 from the Havana VI line that I reviewed previously, these two cigars might look similar, but are quite different in their flavor profiles and strength.

Construction: As per the usual Tatuaje cigar, these have solid, consistent construction with great looking wrappers and are firm with no soft spots at all. This cigar also has the Cuban triple cap, a small but nice detail that I appreciate. The draw seems a little tight, but with a closed foot that’s no big surprise. I’m expecting it to open up fine once lit.

Flavor: The prelight draw brings the flavors of sweet tobacco and a slight barnyard taste to my tongue. Not as flavorful as some predraws, but pleasant nonetheless. The first draw after the light is 100% wrapper because of the closed foot, and thus so delivers a singular sweet cocoa flavor to my mouth. Continuing on past that, I’m greeted with light leather notes, a slight woodsy aroma, stronger cocoa notes, and some minor coffee notes as well. With most Tatuaje sticks you’re initially greeted with a burst of spiciness on the back of your tongue, however this cigar has started out with very little to no spicy notes. About halfway through a peppery spice has developed, but it is still fairly mild. The cocoa and coffee flavors are shining through more than the others, although the leather and woodsy notes are still in the background. Black pepper notes have begun to grow, with the flavor of coffee and brown sugar mixed in. The nicotine has grown in strength in this last bit, not making the cigar overpowering, but definitely giving it a kick that previously hadn’t been there. The cigar has finished up with stronger black pepper notes along with the nicotine that has overshadowed most of the other flavors, although they’re still there in the background.

Overall: The draw ended up being a little tighter than I was used to with this cigar, but not so much that it hindered the smoking experience. The cigar is a flavorful cigar, an easy and smooth smoke. It’s not a dry smoke either, more of a drink of liquid, full of flavor, a long finish, and coats the palate with its banquet of tastes. These cigars are listed as a 4.5 out of 5 for strength on Tatuaje’s site, but although the nicotine buildup was noticeable, the spiciness wasn’t as strong as expected, only really showing up at the end. Smoking the majority of the cigar in under 45 minutes is a plus if you don’t have much time, but being able to stretch them out into an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes allows these cigars to be a regular timed smoke as well. Priced the same as the Verocu No.5, these cigars can be had in cabs of 50 for under $200. I only purchased a handful of these, but when I run out I will be seeking out a box for sure.

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    Nice review Brian! Makes me want to run out and grab a cab myself. Think I will check these out.

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