Tatuaje RC184

The Cigar Nut

Size: 7 1/4″ x 57
Wrapper: Habano Ecuador
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: ~$18.00

Behind the Stick: With the recent Tatuaje RC233 review, you know the info behind the its little brother, the RC184. So, instead of reiterating what you’ve already read, here’s the the info behind this specific cigar. After smoking the RC233 a few weeks ago, I foolishly stated my desire to try the RC184 in a banter thread on Cigar Asylum. To teach me a lesson in watching what I say, my friend James, bombed me with a few choice sticks, one of which was the RC184. So, thanks to him, here is the review for the Tatuaje RC184!

Construction: Just as with the previous RC the construction is amazing. The cigar is quite firm with no soft spots, has a seamless wrapper, very minor veins, and is smooth with a light oily feel. The predraw is a little tight, but not unmanageable. About an inch and a half into the cigar the wrapper split about an inch from the burn line, but I was able to manage the split with some pectin. The split was mitigated with the pectin, but that whole inch long section has blown up like an angry puffer fish. I doubt this will have any affect on the flavor however, and I don’t count this against it’s construction.

Flavor: The prelight draw brings sweet tobacco notes to my tongue with hints of cinnamon and vanilla. The first few draws after lighting the cigar bring a light spice with some very minor background hints of the previously tasted vanilla and cinnamon. As we get past the figuardo foot, the cigar really opens up with an easier draw, plentiful smoke, and more pronounced flavors. About an inch and a half in, I’m getting more vanilla notes, hardly any spice at all, and nutty coffee notes. Strangely enough, while there are no chocolate notes I can distinguish, the smoke coming off the foot smelled just like baking brownies for a little while. I’m about halfway through and some strong notes of caramel are adding to the coffee undertones. There’s also a sweetness that makes this cigar a very smooth, pleasant smoke. The last couple inches I smoked were just as smooth as the first, with coffee, cinnamon, and caramel notes more prominent.

Overall: I would say that the RC184 is a much more enjoyable smoke than the RC233. Not only is it less intimidating, but the flavors were more prominent and it wasn’t as flat. Surprisingly (and perhaps this is because I smoked it to the last inch and a half) the RC184 took me two hours and forty-five minutes to smoke, whereas I smoked the RC233 for only (lol…only) two and a half hours. I have a slight nicotine buzz, but nothing major. At a very similar price point to the RC233, I would put this above the RC233 in value. Similar smoke time, more distinguished flavors, and an overall easier smoke, the RC184 is something I would consider keeping a few on hand. The price point is restrictive for people not wanting to spend almost $20 for one cigar, but it is a cigar I urge you to find, and try at least once, then decide for yourself if it’s something you would like to keep in your stash.

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