The Cigar Nut’s Countdown 2014: Number 7

Today we take another step toward our number 1 cigars of the year, we present number 7!  Please note that a full review may not have been published yet for every cigar, but they are coming soon!

Recap of what we have so far:


#11 Dunhill 1907

#10 Studio Tobac Reckoning

#9 Tatuaje CiGWAR

#8 Espinosa/Cigar Dojo Sarsaparilla


#11 Matilde Recanar

#10 E.P. Carrillo 5th Anniversary

# 9 Maya Selva Flor de Selva

#8 Nomad Connecticut Fuerte


#11 Casa Fernandez Aganrosa Leaf Maduro Ilustre

#10 Crowned Heads Jericho Hill

#9 Alec Bradley Fine & Rare Ta-25A

#8 Las Cumbres Senorial

And here are the picks for number 7:

David’s Number 7: Viaje Full Moon: If you know me you know that I have a certain level of disdain when it comes to ‘limited edition’ or ‘limited release’ cigars. Inevediably they are simply horrible cigars that never should have been produced or they are smokes that the Cigar God’s themselves dream about. For me, the Viaje Full Moon falls closer to the later, a flavorful rendition of what Andre can produce when the moons align and the Cigar Gods put something together that can only be considered amazing.

Brandon’s Number 7: Espinosa Cigars Laranja: The Laranja by Espinosa is a very unique cigar that brings  notes of oak, cinnamon, and citrus.  This cigar also had very impressive construction, read the full review here!

Maxwell’s Number 7: Crowned Heads Mason Dixon Line (South): Crowned Heads has done an amazing job “bringing it” in the cigar industry as a fairly new Cigar company. Whenever they release a new cigar, the expectations are high but they always deliver and this was no exception. The Mason Dixon Line South was one of the best Connecticut wrapped cigars that I’ve had this year as it was filled with body and great flavors. After I smoked my first one, I knew there would be few cigars released this year that could supersede it. See the full review here!

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