The Nut Had A Birthday!

The Cigar Nut

Another year passes and another notch on the proverbial belt is added. It seems almost fitting that on our birthdays, we all take a moment or two and reflect on our past, present and future. How did we get here, where are we going and where did we fuck up in the past 12 months! Luckily this past year has been a great time and I really don’t have any negatives worth mentioning – all in all a good thing!

I got a new job last year working for a healthcare company doing their ‘IT’ stuff and although I am sick and tired of working with computers, my boss and I feel that I am excelling – which is really all that matters. Finally out of Bank Of America and on a ‘real world’ schedule things have been slowly but methodically ‘falling into place’. Projects around the house are getting completed, I ended up buying a new SUV, the wife and I have started making ‘real’ plans to move out to Colorado and the biggest thing, we have discussed and agreed to start working on having kids in the near future! Nothing yet – but hell, I’ll practice whenever she wants to!

The biggest thing, I can’t believe I’m slowly crouching up on that ominous ’30’ that is staring back at me in the distance. I’m still a pup at 28, but I was a little taken back to think that 10 years ago I was going off to ‘start my life’ as they say. I remember when looking at the 4 high school years as the longest time of your life and now to think it has been double that and some change, and I’m still not the millionaire I wanted to be by 30 haha. Still got 2 more years tho!

But – The cigar related shit – My wife ended up taking us to Pappy’s BBQ ( if your from St. Louis, you know how good it is ) and then we went on a brewery tour at Anheuser-Busch and followed it up with a Cohiba Robusto for the ride back home. I am not sure of the box date, but the cigar has been resting in my humidor for a good 3 years and tasted and burnt up there with some of the best cigars of my life. All in all – a great day!

So – no reviews, no news, just me rambling about my day off work with my wife, food, booze and accepting that stance, one step closer to 30.

~ The Nut Himself

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