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Yeah yeah yeah, I know – I have taken a couple weeks off of the news but it is all for good reasons – – kinda. Either way, I hope you all are ready for another installment of The Nuts Newsworthy Notes!

Looks like the H. Upmann name is back in the legal processes – the company was ‘started’ December 17th, 1912 in America and has been under the ownership of Altidas since then and has recently renewed the legal rights to the H. Upmann name. But – it does not appear that they are going to be going to court or anything of the such, taken from Cigar Aficionado “… it appears that the U.S. rights to the Altadis U.S.A. Inc. brand portfolio will not be the source of future battles: the company, which makes and markets Montecristo, H. Upmann, Romeo y Julieta and Por Larrañaga cigars, is a unit of Altadis S.A., which owns half of Cuba’s Habanos S.A. and is the largest customer by far of Cuba’s cigar industry.” Must be nice to have friends in high places, right!?

Moving on, we have Zander-Greg, Inc, better known as Nat Cicco, the man who is behind the Cuban Legends and their two new items, The Casino Real and The Price of Arabia. I am waiting on pictures and details on the cigars now, but if nothing else it looks like Nat Cicco is not slowing down and is hopefully going to be putting some fantastic smokes out on the shelves.

Finally – into something that has a picture! C.A.T. Tobacco corp – also known as Torano Cigars, has been working for over a year on putting a certain name, Salutem, through the American legal system. These were announced back at the IPCPR convention, but they are finally ‘legal’. Enough rambling – cigar porn!

Onto something I found a little ‘fun’ – Oettinger Imex AG owner – Oettinger Davidoff Group or simply – Davidoff has finished another one of those filings that seem to encompass just about every single thing under the sun. “Tobacco Products, Namely Cigars, Cigarillos, Smoking Tobacco; Smokers’ Articles, Namely, Cigar Cutters, Non-electric Cigar and Cigarette Lighters, Cigar Humidifiers, Cigar Cases with Humidor, Tobacco Boxes, Cigar Cases, Ashtrays, Lighters, Matches”. So you may be asking – okay, thats nice but whats the name and whats the product? Well, the Outdoorsman series ( I am assuming ) has been approved, filed and is ready for business. Now we just need to find out when they are going to put them on the market!

Fuente Marketing Ltd. recently abandoned their interests in the name “Cuba USA” – which was only started in March of this year. I am unsure if they had planned to turn this into a cigar or into an accessory/humidor line but when I first heard about it I got kinda excited. The Fuente family ( similar to almost every other cigar organization ) has ‘ties back to Cuba’ and I was hoping that perhaps this would be a spin off that but, alas, not at this time.

Barrister Cigars – Ever heard of them? Well check them out at but the story goes that this guy who lived in New Jersey had a law partnership in New York and quit to open up a cigar store – these being his cigars. If nothing else, its a fun story – if you get a chance to try these cigars please let me know your thoughts!

Then to end the post on a ‘fun’ note – a company called GPM Pump & Truck Parts, LLC has a ‘Sewer Duck’ line that they recently created a logo for. It has nothing ‘really’ to do with cigars but I thought it was fun. So – yeah – here it is.

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