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My gosh – I can’t believe its already been a month since I did my last round of The Nuts Newsworthy Notes! Well – the end of the year and beginning of the new year, while very busy and productive for many of us seems to fall into a small ‘dead zone’ for cigar companies. Of course – there is always the exception that breaks the rule, but usually December and January are ‘quiet’ months when it comes to announcements and secret or behind the scenes kinda news. Enough of the rambling – I got ahold of some different pieces of information and I hope you all enjoy!

Probably one of the more popular but biggest let down ( no pictures ) would be in respect to the J.G.G. Tobacco Holding Company or a name some of you may recognize a little easier – Jamie Garcia. They have been connected with the MF The Judge, my assumption being ‘My Father The Judge” or since everything in the industry turns into Spanish – El Juez. I can’t find any news or pictures about it but I will be sure to let you all know asap!

Onto some more stuff, less dramatic of course. A new company on the horizon – Cabalfo appears to be releasing a few new items onto the market but unlike a lot of the other companies that start up with this broad description of “we will encompass everything” ( lighters, cutters, cases, etc ) but Cabalfo appears to be sticking with the tried and true, narrow approach. They are listed as “cigars” only so hopefully they will get some traction and we will start to see some impressive cigars hit the shelf with their logo attached!

One thing I always find so interesting is when companies start up, what drives them and what their actual product is. Yes – we all know the big dogs or the established ones, but its the “little guy” who is reaching up and trying to get their own piece of the pie that really makes this research fun to me. Well – a little gem came along the way, Reinier Lorenzo Lopez and the HVC LLC. I can’t find shit in respect to the guy, the company or anything except for an image of their band and logo which says “The City I will Never Forget” – alright buddy, you got this fish, whats the back story!?

Moving right along into something I find… fun to say the least haha. David Bradley, perhaps better known as the caretaker from Hogwarts appears to be the creating force for “Smoke Tobacco” – a company that appears to be reaching deep for their “listing” – Cigars; Cigar boxes; Cigar cases; Cigar cutters; Cigar holders; Cigar humidifiers; Cigar lighters; Cigar tubes; Cigar wraps; Electronic cigars; Holders for cigars and cigarettes; Smokers’ articles, namely, cigar storage tubes, cigar glue, containment clips used to keep a cigar from falling apart, outdoor cigar and cigarette disposal units. If this is the same David Bradley as I think, then this could make for some interesting releases from not only a gringo – but an Englishmen that will hopefully not to be confused with Alec Bradley.

Have you ever heard of Bidwell Cigar or Marcus Daniel Morine? Don’t feel bad, neither did I until I started looking through their files in reference to We The PEople, Bidwell Blend, Cameroon Secrets and Marcus Daniel
Marcus Daniel, We the People, Bidwell Blend, Cameroon secrets and now most recently – Cuban Subsitutes. Of course they list the tobacco as “Cuban Seed” but shy of they we really don’t know too terribly much about the cigars other than they are Dominican and the boxes list them as ‘comparable to _______’. I do have a couple of photographs to share, so perhaps that will spark some more detective work!

One of these days I am actually going to be able to pronounce these companies names and their owner/operators but for now, we will just kinda wing it. Royal Agio Cigars, operated by Agio Sigarenfabrieken N.V. ( try to say that Americans! ) is another company that although not ‘new new’ to the cigar world is still fairly fresh by comparison. They are listed as “Tobacco; smokers’ articles; matches” and in my opinion, have a pretty awesome logo. I will keep my eyes on them but in the mean time, speculate away and enjoy the logo!

Continuing with the “new” stuff on the market, Cabeza Blanca ( another one I had never heard of ) is coming out with their newest cigar “Gusto de Oro” which in English means ‘like gold”. Being another one of the new cigars on the block, I have not been able to hear back from the company with my inquiry and no one has talked about them so – chock up another to speculation and waited breaths for info? …. guess so.

And then to end things for now, the Primitivo Nicaragua Habano Originale 1492 by Atlantic Cigars appears to be coming to the market and their logo, has been very… wordy. But – to me the band looks a little plain but directly to the point. What do you all think? “…Consisting of the word “PRIMITIVO” at center of the banner with designs at each of its sides, the word “NICARAGUA” at the top of the banner, the word “HABANO” at the bottom of the banner, and a vine like design adorning the background of the banner. “ORIGINALE 1492″ positioned vertically along the right side of the mark and surrounded by a rectangular border.”

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