Viaje Holiday Blend

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 x 54 ( Robusto Larga )
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Crillio
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: Give or take $10.00 usd per

Behind The Stick:

Ah hah – Finally a cigar thats a little harder to find, a little more special and has a reputation to follow it, although not always a good one. This is a Viaje ‘Limited Edition’ Holiday Blend 2009 – more of a limited production though, being that only 3000 cigars ( 100 boxes of 30 ) were produced for the 2009 year release but the ‘Holiday Blend’ Series was also released in 2010 and hushed words have talked about a 2011 release as well. Since they were a little harder to come by I was only able to secure a single for this review – Thank you again Eric! One of the biggest reasons that I am looking forward to reviewing these is that I have been able to keep from smoking mine for almost a year now – I can’t keep up the self control any longer!


I have to admit, the green colored band that is covering the top portion of this slightly mottled dark and light brown wrapper that carries just a touch of a red hint yet lathered in oils – damn – this beast just sticks out like a sore thumb in the humidor. Although a bit fatter than a normal robusto, and rightfully a bit heavier, the cigar is completely filled with tobacco – only providing the slightest bit of bounce back near the end of the covered foot – no question of it being under-filled. The Viaje Holiday Blend does seem to carry this ‘rustic’ or ‘old world’ feel to it – a few more bumps and small ( but noticeable ) vein running the length of the cigar carried this persona to fruition Although the cap was placed at a bit of an angle, it clipped without any issues and provided damn near my favorite draw – about 2 notches up from being ‘too tight’. I have to bash something though – and even that’s a half assed attempt so far, removing the band required a steady and slow hand but did not damage the cigar.


Talk about a wake up smoke – almost as if the spice was waiting in the bushes to attack when I lit this cigar! One very spicy start, I didn’t even try to retrohale in the first inch or so. It was not overpowering, but if your not a fan of that spice kick I would definitely brace yourself – get through the start and you will be pampered by an amazing mixture of chocolate, earth and leather and although the spice is still there, it has gotten a bit of a sweet ‘tang’ to it which I could even taste when licking my lips. Damn fine.

The second third really didn’t break much ground in the complexity department, but towards the beginning of the last third the smoke seemed to take on this creamy texture, the spice changed into a very crisp heat similar to the little red peppers and this great coffee and leather combination took the foreground. To my surprise, even when nubbing this cigar the tar buildup never became an issue, the flavors remained creamy, spicy and enjoyable.


This is one of those cigars that just kinda fell into my lap – sure some of the hype was out there but this was not on the front page although I definitely think this should have been spoken of a bit more. The limited numbers is always a mildly depressing fact – either it sucks and your glad you only got a few, or like this cigar – it is phenomenal and you want to go out and find a box right now but there are none to be had. If these were in full production or if I could get my hands on a good number of them, The Viaje Holiday Blend makes for a great early evening smoke – perhaps with a few friends or after a nice dinner while the sun goes down. The spice is enough to keep you awake but the creamy and sweet flavors blend well to really set the path for a relaxing, enjoyable smoke.

If you can, grab a few and give them a shot, I know these will be another addition to my radar for future purchases. If you have been able to smoke any, please let me know what you thought of them!

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  1. Smokin Aces

    I’m glad you enjoyed that little firecracker David. I was a bit underwelmed with them when I smoked the first one, when it was fairly young, but with some age these beauties really start to shine! You’re right, it’s too bad they are so hard to find. 🙁

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