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Brew Review : Schlafly Weizen Bock

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Schlafly Weizen Bock

Country: United Stated
Distillery: Schlafly Tap Room
Bottler: Schlafly
Style: Weizenbock
Alcohol: 8% ABV
Price: ~ $7.00


Behind The Booze:

For those of us in St. Louis – there is a brewery that not only produces great beer, but is a staple for quite a few restaurants and bars in the area – regardless of it seeming to be a ‘normal’ staple in the area. Well – one even more ‘niche’ aspect of the St. Louis area is a grocery store called Schnucks and to narrow it down even more, there is a specific store that is named ‘Culinaria’ ( located in Downtown St. Louis ) that carried this special brew. I was lucky enough to find this in the local Schuncks by my house – but – enough of the rambling, onto the review!


Pours a rich and dark brown with just a little bit of head that slowly pulls back to a thin covering across the top. I would not consider this a motor oil dark beer but this is not going to be mistaken for an IPA. I wish I could say more – but to sum it up – looks good!


Woo wee – this is a great Weizenbock! Strong hints of clove and I swear banana mixed with the normal bready and wheat notes while the grassy and hoppy flavors definently let you know they are there with a slight but bitter segue onto the aftertaste. The after taste is not an extremely lengthy one but this brew falls into that “the aftertaste makes me want another sip” category.


Schlafly is a St Louis name and just like anything in life – you either love them or you hate them. I feel the flavors their beers provide are unique, upbeat and ‘new’ and the Schlafly Weizen Bock is no different. The price is right, the flavors are right and if your a weizenbock fan – you may even be surprised by this beer. Is it the best in its category – no it is not but at the same time, I know I am going to be stocking the fridge with some more. If you have had a chance to try the Schlafly Weizen Bock please let me know – if not, find the Culinaria and try it for yourself!

Step back, relax, and enjoy.

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