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Cigar Editorial-Brandon K : Anatomy of a Cigar

While smoking a cigar recently I began to think about what a cigar was made of, the anatomy of the cigar if you will, but not the wrapper, binder, and filler sort of anatomy but the extra physical anatomy. We smoke cigars for so many reasons, very few people smoke them out of addiction as with cigarettes. We smoke to relax, to celebrate, to commemorate and remember, all of this brings out what a cigar is truly made of, the emotions connection we gain from a cigar.

I have so many great memories that involve cigars as I am sure so many of us all do. When I met my wife she asked me not to smoke, so out of courtesy and probably other reasons we will refrain from mentioning I abstained. When we married she handed me a cigar, a Davidoff to be exact. She said she knew how much I loved cigars and missed them and wanted me to enjoy one for our wedding. Every year on our anniversary I make it a point to smoke a Davidoff cigar, I am taken back to the day every time. Every time I smoke a Punch I am taken back to my parents front porch with my dad as I smoked my first cigar, I remember how much he wanted me to get sick so I would leave him alone about cigars, neither happened. The memories I share are just the tip of the iceberg, I will always cherish these memories and they are just one part of the anatomy of each cigar.

Another anatomical feature is the celebration that a fine cigar brings. We use cigars to celebrate just as much as we use champagne. I remember looking at my father after my son was born and telling him that I needed to go buy a box of cigars. That afternoon as my wife and son rested my dad drove me down to the cigar shop so I could purchase a box. We had great conversation on the way, it was such a great and emotional day for both of us. I remember handing the cigars out to my co-workers and friends, I was so proud of what that cigar was celebrating. I still have two of those cigars in my humidor waiting for my son to turn 18, at that time we will use them one more time to celebrate. I have cigars that are already put back and marked for certain occasions like advancements in my career, new homes, winning the lottery. Even if some of these days never happen, I look forward to them and the celebration the cigars will be used for.

As we dig deeper into the body of a cigar we look at possibly the most simple part of our cigar anatomy, the relaxation that it is filled with. I know for me that there is nothing better after a really bad day that a nice full bodied cigar to help me slow down and unwind. I really don’t know if it is the nicotine reacting in my body or just the way a cigar forces me to stop and move slower with more diligence. There is something about watching the smoke rise into the air, slowly inhaling and exhaling with each puff. Your body begins to release the worries of the day or even the year as your mind slows and your cares leave you. I don’t personally think there is any chemical you can put into your body that causes a relaxation effect like a fine cigar.

Next time you light up your favorite cigar take the time to appreciate what that cigar is made of, the memories, the celebrations, and the relaxation. Once you have an understanding of this you will never just smoke a cigar again, you will smoke an experience, a release of emotion that is only known by this brotherhood and sisterhood of fellow cigar enthusiasts.

-Brandon K.

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