Editorial by David : The Cigar Nut – Rebooted

The Cigar Nut

First and foremost – I want to thank all of the original readers for their continued support and for the encouragement to bring back something that has meant so much to me over the years. If it were not for you, I would probably still be writing about my cigar adventures, but I do not think I would get the same level of reward from scribbling the same notes on a napkin and then tossing it in the trash.

The Cigar Nut started 5 years ago – July of 2009 – and as I look back on it I can see that while this has all been ‘fun and games’, the site has also grown and changed just as I have done the same over the years. When things started, I couldn’t tell the difference between a Honduran or Nicarguan smoke – had more cigars ‘I want to try’ than childhood dreams and I had this overwhelming sense of being lost amongst a group of experts.

As they years went by I felt that I was starting to absorb the knowledge and slowly got ‘the bug’ to where my life started to revolve around cigars. From reading trade mark listings, press releases, editorials, reviews and even the descriptions produced by the companies themselves – there was nothing within the cigar world that I did not want to learn about.

The site was producing record breaking numbers and it seemed as if everything in life was only getting better and better. My professional career in Network Security had just yielded a promotion and my wife was expecting our first child and of course – my attention was focused on work and family and the site suffered due to this. Shortly after my daughter was born, my father passed away suddenly and I dove head first into starting my own retail business, Cigar Bandits.

For all intents and purposes, The Cigar Nut ended up going completely dormant except for a few press releases or re-posts of old reviews for the better half of a year. Had it not been for the fact that I have already paid for the domain up until 2018 – perhaps The Cigar Nut would have actually disappeared entirely. I will admit, the thought of just throwing away 5 years of my own personal and professional growth sent me down a path of emotions I really was not expecting – but suffice to say, the site will not be going anywhere, anytime soon.

In fact – as the veteran readers of the site can tell – The Cigar Nut is completely different. We still have the archives, the B&M reviews and the company histories but The Cigar Nut is no longer a one man show! Please take a chance to go through the About section and learn about Jared, Adam, Max, Brandon and Donnie – all whom are now official writers for The Cigar Nut! I am confident that you all will enjoy their articles and reviews as much as I have!

I’ll try to keep this under 12 pages! Thank you again to all the old readers, hello and welcome to the new readers and to both – make sure you keep checking back for the best reviews and cigar industry updates only at The Cigar Nut!

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