Cigar Legislation 

Cigar Legislation: Ontario Smokers Get Hosed

Beginning January 1st the province of Ontario Canada will have an increase on outdoor smoking bans.  The new bans will prohibit smoking on restaurant patios, at sports fields and ice rinks, and playgrounds.  All areas except patios will have a 20 meter restriction and fines up to $250 will be in place.


Also going into effect is a ban on tobacco sales on all college and university campuses throughout the province.  This is part of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act and is aimed at keeping smoking away from children while also seeming to punish adults who are capable of making their own decisions.  A spokesperson for the Ontario Campaign for Action on Canadian Tobacco also announced that they will be pushing for further bans and control over the lives of the citizens of Ontario.  The province of Ontario is also home to the Canadian capital of Ottawa.

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