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Cigar Lifestyle : Morongo Casino Resort Spa Opens Doors To Smoking Good Time Cigar Event

With so many places across the country closing the doors on our favorite hobby, it is nice to see there are still reputable companies who are not only interested in providing a haven for cigar smokers, but for taking the care and consideration beyond just ‘here is your cigar, thank you come again.”

An event that aptly goes by the name “Smoking Good Time”, patrons have the opportunity to partake in a very specific range of drinks, food and live entertainment – all paired with three cigars for the evening at Morongo Casino Resort Spa.

“The art of tasting a fine cigar is parallel to the art of whether it’s wine tasting or a fine scotch or tequila,” he said. “You have a talented chef that pairs it with a very light menu of good food.”

The event itself is not ‘stagnant’, each event offers a new cigar, new food and a new establishment within the Pasadena and Las Vegas.

With so many companies and organizations focused on pure profit, it is nice to see that their focus is on the community, interaction and truly enjoying the libation, food and cigar pairings that you truly cannot find anywhere else on earth.

“It’s very friendly and interactive,” he said. “The way we set it up in Vibe is that there are couches with small tables scattered around the main floor. The atmosphere encourages people to interact with each other. These are people that will talk about the taste of the cigar, talk about the type of alcohol they just sampled.”

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