Cigar News: Brown’s Cigar Store Celebrates 125th Anniversary

Brown’s Cigar Store in Corning, NY is celebrating it’s 125th anniversary.  Brown’s cigar store is owned by the Smith family . Sue, Terry and Bejay are second generation tobacconists. The store, is located at 6 West Market Street and is open from  7 a.m to 6 p.m daily . The store only closes for thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

The store origanally opened in 1889 by world renowned  acrobat John Comosh,at 4 WestMarket Street . In 1903 the store was purchased by Julian Drake & Drake Smoking Parlor. W.E Brown in 1917, Harry brown ( no relation) in 1927 becoming Brown’s Cigar Store.The business moved to 6 west Market street in 1991.

“I’ve been here 43 years, since I was 14 years old “ Smith said.”It’s been pretty cool, especially spending time with all the people that stop by. It’s just been great!”

Customer Alan De Wolf had this to say. ” They have a bed roll in the back for me ! As a kid I came in with my father Justin De Wolf and since 1991 I come here just about every day!”

According to Smith Brown’s Cigar Store, the third oldest American cigar store provides the finest cigars and tobacco products !

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