Cigar News: Last Day For FDA Comments

Today is the last day for the public comment period on the FDA’s proposed regulation of premium cigars.  Remember, this is your opportunity as a voter  and as an employer of government officials to tell them what you want!  We need every voice to be heard on this issue.  Tell your neighbors, your co-workers, even your wife to let the FDA know that we do not want them to touch premium hand made cigars.

Below I have included a link to Cigar Rights of America, an organization that is politically involved in fighting for cigar rights.  If you follow the link they have given instructions to follow to give your public comment.  I urge each one of you to do so if you want to continue to enjoy premium cigars as you currently do.  Also take the time to send YOUR representatives some mail.  CRA has easy links on their page to fill in some info then e-mails are automatically sent to tell those who work for you how you feel.

Please remember to be respectful when making comments, we are already viewed as vile smokers by the opposition and do not need to confirm those thoughts.   The opposition to this does not fight fair and does not care to, they will lie to gain an agenda, especially one to regulate your life and money.  Take a moment and do some research on the anti-tobacco people and you will see just how urgent this issue really is.  The pockets of anti-tobacco is very deep and very willing to give to stop you from having rights as a responsible adult.

Cigar Rights of America FDA Response Link:


-Brandon K.


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