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Cigar News: Tatuaje CIGWAR returns for a second release

The Tatuaje CIGWAR was a surprise release made exclusively for the 2014 GWAR BBQ, (you can read all about it here:
Only 1,000 packs of 3 were released for this event and they sold out within 6 hours of going up for sale! Because the release was kept quiet up until the event, very few people were aware of these cigars and many missed out on the opportunity to pick up a pack for themselves.
Well, lucky for us, Havana Connections has announced that they will be receiving a second shipment of the Tatuaje CIGWAR sometime in October! They are currently accepting pre orders at $34.99 plus shipping. If you missed your chance to pick some up, smoked through all of the ones you had or simply want to pick up a few more three packs, now is your chance!
Here is the direct link to place your pre-order:


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