Cigar Press Release : Ezra Zion Adds Two Sizes to JAMAIS Vu

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June 10, 2013 — Ezra Zion Cigar Company, recipients of multiple Cigar of the Year Awards in 2012, announces the release of 2 new vitolas in their JAMAIS Vu line.

Jamais Vu

“After launching at IPCPR last year and seeing the overwhelming response to this blend, we knew that an extension of the line was inevitable. In the months following, the popularity of JAMAIS Vu continued to escalate and our customers were demanding more sizes from us. After months of sampling the blend in different shapes, we’re excited to finally fulfill their demands!” noted Kyle Hoover.

The company decided to go big and go small. Their first new size is a box-pressed 6×60 that they have named the JAMAIS Vu “Seis Cero Seis”. MSRP is $12.50.

“We tend to gravitate toward smaller ring gauge cigars, so smoking a 60 ring cigar is a little out of our personal preference. In fact, that was our reasoning in box-pressing the Seis Cero Seis size–just to make it more approachable. Once we did smoke it, we were hooked! Now, we are lancero guys who find ourselves reaching for this 60 everyday. Amazing!” added Chris Kelly.

The second new addition is a Corona 6×45. MSRP is $11.50.

“After finalizing a box-pressed 60 ring gauge cigar, which is a little out of the ordinary, we decided to pay homage to the classic cigar tradition. A 6×45 cigar, that was our hat- tip to the past generations of cigar manufacturers and tobacco growers–the majority of which smoked a corona size. We didn’t even want to modernize the name of the size, so we left it “Corona”, continued The Don Fonseca.

New sizes are being delivered to the shipping warehouse this week and are now available for order.

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