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Cigar Review: Arturo Fuente Magnum R 56

Arturo Fuente is one of the most well known names in the cigar industy. The company and the Fuente family are rich with cigar history and have a true legacy that will go on for years. The Arturo Fuente Cigar Company started with humble beginnings in Tampa, Florida and now are one of the largest Companies in the world, now operating from Dominican Republic.

Most of the Fuente core line cigars are not known for being nicotine power houses but being full of flavor, the Sungrown Rosado series is no different. The Sungrown Rosado line is an Ecuadoran sungrown sumatra rosado wrapper over a binder and fillers from the Dominican Republic. My vitola of choice is the Magnum R 56 which is a 5 5/8”x56. The other sizes in the line are the Magnum R 52, a 5×52, the Magnum R 54 at 6.5×54, and the Magnum R 58 which is a 5.5×58 Torpedo. I believe these to be very popular sizes among cigar smokers today but my preference would be something more along the lines of a Corona where you can really get some more of that rosado wrapper.

I must say that the Magnum R 56 has a very smooth, almost velvet like wrapper. As with most all Fuente products there are no imperfections to be found. The cigar was solid throughout and appeared to be well constructed. There was a very pleasant sweetness on the nose from the foot and wrapper of this cigar. The pre-light draw was effortless and gave a lovely chocolate flavor. I gently toasted the foot of the cigar with a soft flame an it lit perfectly.

The first third of this cigar gave an immediate shot of sweetness, at first it was hard to describe but then I realized it was a molasses flavor. There was also just a small hint of black pepper that was very faint on the palate as well as just a bit of leather. I found the first third of this cigar to be absolutely amazing and fairly complex. The burn was razor sharp at this point with a very white, solid ash that was holding very well.

As I progressed into the second third I began to notice the flavors progressing to a sweet cedar with toasty notes. I also picked up a but of anise, that liquorish flavor, that was just barely there but noticeable and mixed well. I am not a liquorish fan at all but I very much enjoyed this. The flavors blended very well and were very rich although no one flavor was overpowering. The burn was still sharp and the ash fell naturally at about 2”. The strength was a medium at this point, though at the lower end of medium.

Into the last third of the cigar I removed the band, while doing so I noticed that they had been quiet generous with the glue. While we are talking about the band I want to mention how nice this band is, absolutely beautiful with reds and golds, very traditional. Now as for the flavors of the last third, I picked up bits of cocoa, an nice oaky wood note and some spice. The spice really capped it off as it was just the right amount of what I would describe as a bakers spice, I nice mix of nutmeg and cinnamon type flavors.

Overall this was a very good and enjoyable cigar. The Magnum R 56 was a solid medium strength cigar that had very smooth and well balanced flavors. The burn was perfect earning an A+ rating as did the amazing construction. This cigar was everything you would expect from Arturo Fuente cigars and it is by far BOX WORTHY!

-Brandon K.

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