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Short Reviews : CAO OSA sol


The wrapper has a nice look and color to it. Love the colors and look of the band. I cut the cap and do my cold draw and get some sweet tastes and a little earth flavor ! I was wondering about the OSA and found out that it stands for Olancha San Augstin region of Honduras where the wrapper is grown.





Cigar: CAO OSA Sol
Size: 5 x 50 (Lot 50/Robusto)
Wrapper: Olancho San Agustin (Honduras)
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras
Strength: Medium

First Third
First draw I noticed a strong taste of sweetness and hay. This third there is a lot of sweetness kind of a coco almost . I didn’t get ANY spice that I was thinking I would . But still into it so far ! I am always very impressed with CAO and again they keep it coming with this cigar.


Second Third
The first third was mainly a lot of sweetness and that gives away a bit and becomes more creamy and smooth. It is not over bearing and still allowing other flavors to come through picking up on a wood cedar taste. Really enjoying this stick so far and having a nice tight ash.


Final Third
The creaminess gives way and the hay and the grass taste sort of disappears. The stick starts to bring on the spice I was waiting on. It’s a nice spice but different from other sticks I have had that are spicy. All in all this is a great stick from the sweet flavors to the spice, it did not disappoint. I really enjoyed this stick from start to finish. I enjoy sitting, relaxing, and letting all worries drift away and appreciating the skill that went into the stick.



I would for sure buy this stick and with a MSRP of $5.75 you cant beat it! Good around the yard stick !




Jared E.


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