Cigar Review: Compania Hondurena de Tabacos – AKA Kuutz Miró

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 1 /4 x 50 ( Robusto )
Wrapper: Sumatra
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran and Mexican
Strength: Medium
Price: ~ 7.50 USD each

Behind The Stick:

Some of you may have seen a few press releases from a distributor going by Kuutz or formally Compania Hondurena de Tabacos – one of the cigars they are starting to distribute is The Miró which is a mix of a Sumatra wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and a compilation of Nicaraguan, Honduran and Mexican tobacco ( from the Jaltepec region ). I know – I know – you read that last line and immediately thought about the stigma Mexico has of second rate, lower than average standards and I would be lying if I didn’t have the same thought process – but – it turns out that the Mexican tobacco is ‘starting’ to become a staple or even a go to for blending. Who would have guessed that…

Enough of that – more specifics. The Miró will be coming out in 4 different sizes, Torpedos ( 6 1/8 X 52 ), Toro ( 6 x 52 ), Robustos (5 1 /4 x 50 ) and Gordos ( 6 x 60 ) but I have been told that the blend and proportions are even and equal across the sizes. Aside from them being new to the US market, I don’t have a huge amount of information to put out on this one aside from they are “fairly popular” in Europe! Onto the review!


Evenly packed from head to foot, the light chocolate colored wrapper clings tightly to the well packed tobacco inside. Only the slightest bit of give at the foot, this cigar commands a higher level of appreciation that I originally anticipated. The cap clipped well, lit easily although the draw was a little more open than I personally prefer – it still burned well.


There was not a whole lot going on in terms of dynamics – but the plain or semi-sweet tobacco mixed with a hint of pepper on the retrohale actually tasted better than it sounds. The flavors started off in a toasty, roasted and almost “hot” sensation of earth and smoke. This profile continued for the majority of the smoke, slowly changing into darker – more defined version of each. Near the end of its life the flavors turned dramatically bitter causing me to put this cigar out not long after removing the band.


I know that the European pallet is different from the Americans, I know that certain combinations of flavors entice and excite different people but damn – come on people. This cigar was not bad, but the performance would have been a little easier to overlook if it was in the bundle cigar price range rather than creeping up on the double digits. @ $7.50 a cigar, I can name multiple sub 5 dollar cigars that would compare or beat the Miro – in my opinion. If you can get these in a discount package or if someone gifted them to you then please enjoy them, or if you are adventurous then run out and grab a 5 pack for ~ 38 bucks but my recommendation would be to try this first before splurging

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