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Cigar Review: Cuban – Bolivar Gold Medal

The Cigar Nut

Size: 6.5 x 42 ( Cervantes )
Wrapper: Cuban
Binder and Filler: Cuban
Strength: Medium

Behind The Stick:

Many of the die hard Cuban Cigar fans may recognize the Bolivar Gold Medal as a 2004 Habanos release exclusive to Germany but some may have forgotten ( or were not aware ) that the line actually started prior to 1960 but was discontinued in 1992. Twelve years later Habanos S.A. decided to re-release the Gold Medal but was limited to retailers in Germany, followed by another cease of production after only one year. 2007 brought the line back into action, but this time being limited to the La Casa Del Habanos chain. From what I understand, production again ended in 2011 and as of this time they are not slated to be another production item.

I want to make a point of saying – that although we might not agree with the vitolas that Habanos S.A. discontinues or begins to produce they do have their own rhyme and reason for what they do. Sometimes scarcity increases sales, sometimes the cigar is not as well accepted as they expected ( such as the 2004 German exclusive release ) or flat out – they want to change things up. Politics aside – lets see how this 2008 version of the Bolivar Gold Medal performs!


If you are looking for a cigar that carries its own level of presentation, then your going to be happy with the Cuban Bolivar Gold Medal. ~ 1/2 of the cigar is adorned with a gold foil only slightly exposing the bottom portion of the cigar’s wrapper for your inspection and admiration while under the gold lies another Bolivar band. Evenly packed from head to food, the cigar did feel a bit more on the firm side but the draw was phenomenal. The wrapper itself looks as if it had been painted on, limited veins and no imperfections to speak of. Alright – commie or not Cuba can produce some high quality cigars.


Of course we get to start the flavor profile off in the classic “barn yard, hay, grass and honey” Cuban mix but the thing about the Bolivar Gold Medal ( aside from the strength kick ) that really makes it stand out is the level of complexity that it carries with it. Once the cigar has a chance to warm up, these classic flavors take on a revitalized rendition of leather, spicy black pepper and a slight reduction in the level of ‘sweet’ characteristics. The last third really turned the tide into a mix of cedar, hay, pepper, hints of leather and just a touch of coffee overtones to round it out and keep things interesting.


In my opinion, aged Cuban tobacco just has this air of excellence that I can not find in non-Cuban cigars – that being said there are still Nicaraguan and Dominican cigars I feel are better cigars than even this Bolivar Gold Medal. I may love Cubans but please, don’t just join the bandwagon – make the decisions for yourself!

The Bolivar Gold Medal is an excellent smoke – some might even put it up in their top 10 cigars of all time, but with the limited availability and of course the forbidden fruit aspect us Americans have to deal with it is a double edged sword of supply and demand. If you have the ability to give them a shot, I can not suggest these enough! Cuban or not – they are exceptional cigars that are a must try for any true ‘Cuban Cigar Die Hard’. Have you had a chance to try one? If so – let me know what you thought!

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