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Cigar Review: Cuban Hoya De Monterrey Coronations

The Cigar Nut

Size: 5 x 42 ( 129mm x 42 )
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder and Filler: Cuba
Strength: Mild to Medium
Price: ~ $8 USD each
Box Date: Unknown

Behind The Stick:

For just about any ‘serious’ or even some of the once in a while smokers – Cuban cigars hold a certain air of excellence that for some, is second to none. For American’s it is almost always the “Forbidden fruit” aspect ( my favorite Cuban to this day was a ‘run of the mill’ Cohiba Robusto I purchased from La Casa Del Habano in Mexico ) while for those in Western Europe – it is almost the only thing you can get your hands on for a reasonable price. Granted, I still slant my preferences towards Dominican or Nicaraguan but – I digress…

That being said, The Hoyo De Monterrey brand has been commonly considered the “High Middle Class” line for Cuba’s tobacco production. While the cigars are usually well constructed and carry some unique packaging they are not as dressed up or go through the extensive critiques the Cohiba line does but it certainly gets more attention then the Por Larrañaga line for example.

Some of you may also be on freak out saying that the Coronations comes in a silver tube and that this white tube is just not the right one! Well – if you are talking about the pre 2011 versions then you are correct, but in 2011 the packaging was changed to the white tube – although the blend remained the same. I do feel a little bad about not letting these cigars rest longer but I just lack the self restraint to let a cigar ( especially a Cuban ) rest for 5 to 10 years at minimum.

Onto the Damn Review!


If you are looking for a beautifully crafted cigar with mirror image reproduction from stick to stick – this is by far not a cigar you should have on your list. Two were plugged, one burned like a blind man going through an obstacle course and one had the band stuck to the wrapper which ripped a little when I removed it and yet another ( photographed ) burned and had a great draw but the wrapper itself looked and felt brittle. Granted, the ‘home made’ appeal to the cigar has something of its own to add to the experience and really, aren’t we looking for an “experience” when enjoying a cigar?


Ahh – the important part! This is a great morning smoke IMO – reason being that the flavors were very subtle, mild and almost muted. A cedar and light grass mixture started the smoke off, contradicting the strong chocolate smell the wrapper was giving off. A few puffs in and an enjoyable yet undefinable spice kicked in. The second third opened the palate up to a dried fruit overtone and a surge of sweetness that in my opinion, compliments a coffee like milk and cookies. The final third gave way back to the classic Cuban mix of cedar, grass and leather – only turning slightly bitter in the last moments of life.


Short and sweet – this is a very respectable 1 hour Cuban cigar at a moderate price – if you can find one that actually smokes well. The extremely high number of issues and inconsistency of these cigars give them a double edged viewpoint – one of those “Hope for the best but expect the worst” cigars. If these are locally available to you, I suggest grabbing 2 or 3 and giving them a shot – if this is a ‘secret’ delivery order then I would save your $ and look at another alternative, unless your feeling spry.

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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