Cigar Review : Diesel Unlimited D5

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Cigar Review : Diesel Unlimited D5


Size: 5.5 x 54 ( D.5)
Wrapper: Honduran Ligero
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan and Mexican
Strength: Full
Price: ~ 4.00 each

Behind The Stick:

The Diesel name is fairly new to the cigar world while on the other hand, the name behind these cigars has not only a solid foothold in the industry but they have been churning out exceptional cigars for years. Abdel “AJ” Fernandez first gave us all a taste of the Diesel name in 2010 at the IPCPR convention and many people have fallen for the Diesel Unholy Cocktail and the Diesel Shorty since. The Unlimited is comprised of Honduran Ligero that has been blended with a proprietary mix of Nicaraguan and Mexican tobaccos. I could go into the history of AJ himself and his work with/on Man O’ War, Rocky Patel, Padilla or his own A. Fernandez line but really – your here for the Unlimited D5 review right?!




Just like many of his other cigars – the Diesel Unlimited D5 is a piece of work to be admired, and then smoked! Such a healthy, dark brown coloring – the oils from within appear as if they are seeping out, creating a slight shine to the wrapper under the right lighting conditions. Evenly packed from head to foot, the end only gave a slight bit of give and the cap clipped without issue. I personally like the simple and ‘smaller’ band at the foot ( which I did move up to the top as I was smoking it ) – a minimalistic yet effective approach.



This is the most important part right!? Well – right from the start I am hit with a rich earthy “natural” tobacco flavor that carries a mix of sweet and spicy that I can’t quite pin down. The first third really was a ‘warming up’ of sorts – the flavors becoming more defined and available but little to no variation from the first few puffs. Now the second third – that my friends – is what caused me to write this review. Earth, oak, black pepper, honey type sweetness and even a dash of ‘heat’ spice to round things out. The smoke itself started taking on a thicker feel to it, drying my mouth out a little but rewarding me with varying degrees of the flavors I mentioned. The last third remains good and did not become bitter at the end ( my fear ) but it did seem to fizzle out – the complexity living in the 2nd third.



This is not a $10 + cigar, this is not a cigar that is even jokingly compared to a special release Opus or a Cuban Cohiba Behike – but then again this cigar is also ~ $4.00 a pop or $70 for 20… at that price it almost comes down to ‘did the cigar fall apart in your hands?”. Well – first off no, and secondly this cigar – in my opinion – out performs most cigars in its price range and even a good portion of those one step up. The flavors were consistent yet complex, the cigar was constructed well, burned excellently and most of all – they are well priced. Without a doubt I recommend going out and picking up some and even recommend a box purchase! If you have had one, let me know what you thought!


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