Cigar Review : Diesel Wicked

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Size: 6.2″ x 56
Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf
Binder and Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Full
Price: $12.00 each

Diesel Wicked

Behind The Stick:

With a wild name like ‘Wicked’ I immediately had two visions – one of devilish goblins running around, the second of some people from Baaaston talking about the ‘new wicked ride at tha paak’. Neither of these are correct though – it appears that Aj Fernandez and the Diesel name are leaning more towards Shakespeare and the Macbeth play, using direct quotes on the cigars and the box. While there still has not been a huge amount of background story on the line, the Diesel Wicked is slated to be their new powerhouse, some circles comparing it to the Unholy Cocktail and some of the Unlimited blends. Although I don’t buy into the hype ( or at least I try to tell myself that ) I am pretty excited to try this latest edition from Diesel!

Diesel Wicked - Closeup



This is one solid cigar! Well packed from head to foot, this belicoso hardly has any give – even at the foot. The cut was crisp and clean, the pre-light draw open but not excessive, the flavors muted but hinting of things to come. The foot took a little to start up but once lit the burn line was thin, dark and did not run. The ash held on for quite a while but did fall on its own around the midway point. I guess I just don’t have anything negative to say!

Diesel Wicked


Right from the start this cigar means business – spice, dark tobacco and the obvious nicotine punch form the baseline while hints of wood and black pepper are noticeable on the retrohale. As some other review sites have mentioned – the first third is a fairly accurate “let down”, nothing specifically bad to speak of but also nothing ‘excellent’ – I know it takes a little for the cigar to warm up but at $12 a stick, I want as much out of it as I can.

Diesel Wicked

The second third is where this cigar really shines. The smoke started to build up in intensity, an almost creamy feel that made the smoke feel ‘thicker’ as if I could literally bite into it and be met with resistance. Defined leather, espresso, black pepper and wood take hold of the flavor profile – driving your tastebuds to one side of the spectrum and then back to the other, all while pulling your attention to specific flavors along the way. The only way I can really describe the ending is to compare it to a bonfire or a camping trip fire – the charred, woody and earthy mixture each imparting its piece to this somewhat complex cigar.



If you are looking for a cigar to celebrate a childs birth or a celebratory divorce ( ha ) I would keep my eyes out for a more ‘exclusive’ cigar but if you are looking for something to celebrate a great week, compliment an excellent meal or have a great cigar to aid in conversation then I think the Diesel Wicked is right inline with your preferences. The price is a tad higher than I prefer, but the delivery is equal if not exceeding the price point. If you are into full body, full flavor smokes than I see no reason why you would not highly enjoy the Diesel Wicked. If you have had a chance to try one – let me know what you think!


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