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Cigar Review : Drew Estate Nirvana


Size: 5 x 52 Robusto

Vitolas Produced:

Nirvana Silencio (4 x 44)

Nirvana Corona Gorda (6 x 46)

Nirvana Robusto (5 x 52)

Nirvana Toro (6 x 52)

Nirvana Torpedo (6 x 54)

Vitola Reviewed: Robusto

Wrapper: Cameroon

Binder: Mexican San Andreas Negra

Filler: Nicaraguan (Estelí and Jalapa) and Honduran

Strength: Medium

Price: $10 each

Factory of Production: La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate

Release Type: Regular Production

Release Date: December 2013

Behind The Stick:

While there are some that say the Nirvana was a creation from the right people meeting with the right product at the right time, there are others that say it was a test to see the feasibility of a newly acquired and growing addition to the cigar industry – here at Cigar Nut we say this is a cigar that we must review!

The Nirvana line is being made by Drew Estate exclusively for the Royal Gold company, a recently acquired company to Swisher International, Inc. While still new to the industry, they are producing these cigars with some of the finest tobacco available at one of the best factories currently in operation – this means that there is a direct relation to the higher price tag. I personally am a huge fan of Cameroon wrappers so when this came across my radar I will admit I was hoping for a great experience and was more than excited to get outside and fire this bad boy up.

Taken in full from the Nirvana Boxes:
“The story of NIRVANA by Drew Estate begins with rich plantation tobaccos from the most precious and fertile growing regions in the North of Nicaragua and Cameroon, Africa. The dark, rich, and heavy soil of the renowned Esteli district makes the filler leaves come to life in this distinct blend. Silky and voluptuous Cameroon wrapper completes this epic narrative in a blend that we can proudly describe as luxuriously full bodied, yet naturally sweet and spicy. Nirvana is passionately made in Estelí, Nicaragua by “friends and family” cigar rollers who have been with Drew Estate for almost 10 years, ensuring a quality roll and consistency.


This cigar has intrigued me more in the respect of the companies that are working together in it’s production rather than the cigar itself, but suffice to say I was still looking forward to an experience from the Cameroon wrapper and Nicaraguan/Honduran filler. The story and history behind it seem more like a very well worded “it is what it is” mixed in with a little “for a friend” character that I always love about Drew Estate. Enough rambling, onto the review!


Evenly packed from head to foot, the Nirvana by Drew Estate is one of those cigars that doesn’t scream ‘luxury’ nor does it whimper bottom of the barrel – it resides somewhere in the middle, above average. The cardboard brown colored wrapper carried a small amount of tooth but have that burst of character that so many Cameroon wrappers have. The head clipped without an issue and the foot took to flame just as it should – while I wish there was something I could point out distinctively positive or negative – this is starting off with a bit less ooo-ing and aah-ing than I expected.



While the initial appearance of this cigar was a bit less than thrilling, the start to the smoking experience was laden with a bit more oomph. Bold and spicy, the Cameroon wrapper’s goes into full effective giving a cedar, sweet tobacco, hints of vanilla and black pepper backbone that run the course of the cigar. The smoke coming off this thing is amazing, making the complex flavors really pop and shine – all the while being very difficult to pin down. Not as sweet and a bit more dry than most Cameroon wrapped cigars I’ve had in the past, the complexity and uniqueness of the flavors really pulled me in.


As I said before this is one of those cigars that comes to me where I am more interested in the parties involved rather than the smoke itself but at the end of this cigar, I am really happy that I was able to try it. My personal preference falls somewhere right in the middle of the spectrum – I like medium body, medium strength in the robusto size which usually puts me down the Cameroon path. When one is doing this you must remember that African Cameroon tobacco is some of the most expensive tobacco available – so the prices will always be a touch higher due to this. Without making direct comparisons to other cigars on the market, the Nirvana is ‘above average’ in terms of the delivery and price but there was nothing that really stood out about it to me. I know the die hard DE fans will be buying these by the boxes and will have documented proof of each box variation and serial numbers – but to me it’s worth a 5 pack, maybe a few more than that.

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