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Cigar Review: Excusivo U.S.A. Lancero by Regius

This year has been an up and coming year for cigars making the move and branching out of the European market. Regius Cigars is one who had done just that. Regius, which means King, has recently hit in the United States and has taken off like wildfire. The portfolio of Regius cigars offers a variety of traditional cigar profiles from Nicaraguan tobacco in an experience unique to the market. I recently had a conversation with Akhil Kapacee, owner of Regius Cigars. When I asked him why he decided to come to the U. S. Market his reply was simple, demand. Akhil told me that the U.S. is screaming for cigars with a traditional profile. Akhil also stated the he loved the creativity and passion of the American smoker as the typical European cigar smoker isn’t as involved in the culture and lifestyle of the cigar world. I asked Akhil about his quality control measures how he ensures consistency, he told me that his cigars are made in the Placencia factory which already have high quality control measures, although Regius cigars are not rolled or produced unless he is in the factory to oversee his own line. Kapacee stressed the importance of consistency as in the U.S. market you only get one shot for you cigar to shine, where as in Europe there is a much higher occurrence of quality issues due to Cuban cigars having a seemingly lower standard of quality control. One of the last things I asked Akhil about was his reception to the American cigar market since he is not American or Latin American. He told me that he has had a very warm reception here and everyone has been very polite to him. He also told me that he loved the fairness he has found in the U.S. as well as the openness to innovation.

My first introduction to Regius was the Exclusivo lancero. I this cigar was love at first puff, which is one reason why it is my number 1 cigar of 2014. I know after talking to Akhil the passion that has gone into this blend and it shows. Regius is only available in brick and mortar shops in the United States with the exception of the Exclusivo, Kapacee states that this is only to make it a bit more available, all of Regius’ cigars are price protected. Let’s jump in and check this cigar out further!

Vitolas: Fat Perfecto: 5 3/4x60x54, Pressed Perfecto: 6 1/2×54, Toro Extra: 6 1/2×56, and Lancero Extra: 7 1/2×40. MSRP for all is around $12 depending on tax in your area and vitola.

Blend: The Exclusivo U.S.A. is a Nicaraguan puro with a binder from Jalapa and filler tobacco from the volcanic island of Ometepe.

Appearance: The Regius Exclusivo U.S.A lancero is a very well constructed lancero, no soft spots are noted. The cap is a pig tail type that is very well done. The wrapper has a very smooth appearance, no veins or flaws could be found.


Pre-Light: The Regius Exclusivo U.S.A. has a hint of vanilla on the nose and cedar on the cold draw.

1st Third: The Regius Exclusivo U.S.A. lancero opens with a sweet note, hints of caramel and floral flavors. In the middle of the 1st third a bit of salted caramel begins to come through as well as just a slight creamy mouth feel.

2nd Third: In the second third the Exclusivo U.S.A. picks up on the caramel notes. There is also an increase wood notes with cedar and oak both coming through. Toward the end of the second third the caramel begins to fade out and a sweet grass note comes through.

Last Third: As I move into the last third of the journey that is the Exclusivo U.S.A. the cigar shows flavors of rich coffee and earth. This cigar has a very long and smooth finish at this point and continues to burn cool.

Construction: (A+) There are no flaws in the construction of this lancero, probably due to the extreme quality control of Akhil Kapacee.

Burn: (A+) The Exclusivo U.S.A. has a very even and consistent burn throughout the entire cigar. The cigar remains smooth and produced cool smoke for the entire experience.

Final Assessment: This is the best cigar I smoked this year! This cigar has so much complexity yet is balanced in a way that really makes it stand out above the rest. The flavors of this cigar not only are complex but also seem to be very complementary of each other.

Rating: (BOX WORTHY) I can easily recommend this cigar as being box worthy, I also think that this cigar is one that will stand up to time and will age amazingly to be a great treat for any special occasion!

I would like to thank Akhil Kapacee for taking the time to talk to me and really enhancing my knowledge of this line!

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