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Cigar Review: First Generation by Ohana Cigars

Familia Rodriguez Tobaccos made a nice splash into the cigar world with the release of the line Ohana Cigars this year. Ohana means family in Hawaiian and Familia Rodriguez is a family company that was founded by Ryan Rodriguez. Rodriguez is a veteran in the industry on the retail side but recently branched out to the brand owner life. This year Ohana released two lines, the Friends and Family and the First Generation. Both lines are being made for Rodriguez at the Placencia Factory in Nicaragua using some very special tobaccos. Rodriguez told The Cigar Nut that some of the tobacco used is seven years aged. Today we take a look at the First Generation. The first generation is limited to 500 boxes of 10 cigars with no chance of making more according to Rodriguez.

Vitolas: 6×50 Toro ($9-12 depending on location)


Blend: Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sungrown Criollo (maduro)

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Appearance: The Ohana First Generation is a dark wrapper with a slight oily sheen to it. The coloring has some slight variations but nothing too major, the seams and veins are also visible. The cigar appears to be well constructed and has no noticeable flaws.

Pre-Light: The foot of the Ohana First Generation gives pure chocolate to the nose, while the cold draw gives a rich, dark cocoa flavor.

1st Third: Cocoa bomb is the only way to describe the opening act of the Ohana First Generation. The entire first third is filled with rich flavors of cocoa intermingled with smooth coffee notes. The cigar is wonderfully balanced and mild on the strength.

2nd Third: In the second third the First Generation continues to smoke like a chocolate bar mixed with coffee. The second third does pick up some slight notes of earth and nuts, also a bit of creamy notes mixed in.


Last Third: The last third of the Ohana First Generation becomes toasty and the nutty flavors come to the front with strong notes of cashew. The cocoa and coffee are still present, although not as in the forefront as before.

Construction: (A) The overall construction of the Ohana First Generation is good, the only issue noticed was that the ash was pretty flaky and did not hold long to the cigar. The draw was excellent though and the cigar produced a large amount of smoke.

Burn: (A) The burn was mostly even although did require a few slight touch ups.

Final Assessment: The Ohana First Generation is a remarkably flavorful cigar. This cigar is mild on the strength but full on flavor. The balance and smoothness of this makes it a very easy cigar to recommend to any level of cigar smoker, I believe that this is a perfect cigar for an early morning cup of coffee.

Rating: (BOX WORTHY) With so much flavor and balance this cigar is hands down box worthy.

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