Cigar Review : Gurkha Pre-Release – Rogue Bamboozle

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Gurkha Pre-Release Rogue

Size: 6 x 60 ( Bamboozled – Box Pressed )
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder and Filler: “Rare” Ecuadorian Binder – Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan filler
Strength: Medium
Price: ~ $10.00

Gurkha Pre-Release Rogue

Behind The Stick:

Gurkha has become such a common name within the industry that sometimes their latest releases have a tendency to fall through the cracks or we just wait for it to show up on the ‘devils site’ and get them at a 75% discount and then bitch about them. Gurkha is one of those rare brands that is known for the ‘Rolls Royce’ and then Pinto all in the same sentence. My guess – so shoot the messenger – is that the company is attempting to separate themselves from that ‘stigma’ on some of their new ‘up and coming’ cigars. These cigars have been falling under the East India Trading Company name – a ‘sister company’ to Gurkha in some respects but since 2011 both Gurkha and East India Trading have become synonyms with one another. From the Wicked Indie to the Red Witch to the Prize Fighter – East India Trading has started to pick up some serious steam and it appears a third – “Pre-release” – is hitting the market soon.

This third addition to their portfolio is the cigar I am reviewing today and has been given out at Gurkha events at retail shops across the country and overall – the response has been positive. There were not names or hints being released at the events but as time has gone by – the secretive name “Rogue” has been released along with the announcement that these will be offered in 5 vitolas as ‘affordable prices’. The one today is specifically the Bamboozle size. These cigars are going to be ‘B&M safe’ and while they are being offered in standard 20 count boxes, the word on the street is that all the vitolas slant towards the large ring gauges – sorry Corona fans! Enough jabbering – onto the damn review!

Gurkha Pre-Release Rogue


With a closed foot, this chocolate milk brown wrapper just gleams against the informative yet semi-bland band that announces the exclusivity and rarity of the cigar. Evenly packed from head to foot, there was only a slight amount of give in the middle but not enough to make me nervous. The Rogue Bamboozle is a great looking box pressed smoke that really calls to be smoked. Head clipped easily, foot lit with a little persistence and the burn was ‘for the most part’ razor sharp and even the whole time.

Gurkha Pre-Release Rogue


One thing I love about closed foot cigars – whether it be factual or not – It seems to me that the first few puffs carry a bit more flavor and richness to the smoke that open foot cigars just do not have. I can’t pin it to a specific flavor profile – but ‘better’ is the best description you all are getting here haha! The Rogue Bamboozle carries this air of quality to it – lots of pepper ( heat and spice ) mix well with a toasted nut, light wood and leather notes giving this cigar a well balanced character. While this cigar is not overly complex – it maintained this flavor profile with minor changes to intensity, from start to finish without turning bitter which I honestly was expecting.

Gurkha Pre-Release Rogue


Short sweet and to the point – I liked this cigar and even though it is a ‘pre-release’ I understand that they will not be tweaking the blend to fit the most recent set of opinions. That has always been my biggest issue with ‘Pre-Release’ cigars is that essentially – they are testing the waters to see where they need to do better and where they are already doing well. That being said – the price of the cigar will really determine ‘how good’ of a buy I think it is. If it is in the sub $10.00/single range then yes, I would go out and pick up a 5 pack of these in a heart beat but if these are the $12.00 each versions ( I think thats the Armageddon tho ) I think that might be a little pricy for what your getting. If you have had a chance to give it a try please let me know what you thought – if not, I’ll be with you all waiting for them to be released!

Gurkha Pre-Release Rogue

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