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Cigar Review : Gurkha Rogue ( Pre-Release )

Behind The Stick:

I know, I know – it has been almost a year since this cigar was actually RELEASED to market – why the hell are you just now getting to this?! Would you rush Michelangelo or Beethoven?! Good thing I am neither – but suffice to say things have been busy at The Cigar Nut and I simply have not been able to get to it until now. I received two of the pre-release’s and while the first I tried was very spicy and full of flavor, it just seemed a bit ‘young’. Fast forward one year – and here we are.

The Rogue is the third out the of releases from Gurkha’s recent extension “East India Trading” which had released the Wicked Indie and the Red Witch – both of which have been well received in the market. The Rogue is a mixture of a ‘rare’ Ecuadorian binder, Ligero filler from The Dominican, Honduras and Nicaragua all held together by an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. While I am sure there is some crazy story behind the Rogue and its two predecessors – I am unaware of it. Some have compared the “East India Trading” to a few other companies who have started to ‘branch out’ with experimental products that deviate from the norm ( Studio Tobac, Drew Estate and General Cigar have all done similarly ). Enough of the back story – onto the damn review!



Size: Tyrant ( 5 x 52 )

Vitolas Produced: Armageddon ( 6 x 66 ), Bamboozle ( 6 x 60 ), Rascal ( 5.5 x 46 ), Ruthless ( 6 x 54 ), Tyrant ( 5 x 52 )

Vitola Sampled:

Wrapper: Ecuador Habano

Binder: Ecuadorian

Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican

Strength: Medium

Price: ~ $6.50/ea

Factory / Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Release Type: Pre-Release for review – Currently A Standard Release

Release Date: Unknown



While I am not one who is infatuated with Gurkha ( we all know they are a love them or hate them type of cigar ) I will admit, East India Trading has been coming out with some stellar cigars. Evenly packed throughout, only the foot gave back a slight amount of resistance and rebound when lightly squeezed. The moderate to dark brown wrapper appeared to fit perfectly across the cigar – not overly taunt nor appearing to have slack in the line although the box press and closed foot gave a bit of character to the cigar that otherwise would have been lacking. The extra tobacco at the foot helped with ignition and added a little unique “oomph” to the start of the cigar flavor wise.


Right out the gate this is a cigar that ‘tastes the way it smells’. A manure-esk and earthy combination lead the ride, a mild but familiar spice tickling the back of the throat with a hint of leather and nuts on the exhale. While the dark and savory flavor combination may sound off putting, a vinegar like ‘zip’ aided to by a baking spice undertone calmed the intensity and made for one hell of a combination. After the first ash a black peppery blast erupted in an almost thick and choking manner. Caramel, nuts and honey all meshed together surprisingly well with the dark manure, earth and leather profile but the finish was short lived, drawing you back for another puff.



With this cigar having a bit more age, I know that I did not experience the wild pepper bomb that a few others had experienced when these cigars were new. This only further reinforces that these are cigars that cannot only be enjoyed right away, but do have some pretty decent aging potential. I would not go out and by 10 boxes of these with the intention of aging them, but if you buy a box and half of them start to collect dust in the back of the humidor, it is not something to lose sleep over. If you are looking for a reasonably priced and unique cigar from the ‘Gurkha Mothership’ that has a bit of it’s own character and background – it is hard not to recommend a 3 to 5 pack of these!

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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