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Cigar Review: La Aurora Preferido Black Diamond #1 Michael’s Tobacco Release

La Aurora Preferidos Diamond #1
Michaels Tobacco Release

Living in the Fort Worth area I am fortunate to have the La Aurora Preferido Black Diamond #1 available to me. This cigar was only released in 2012 only in the #2 double perfecto vitola until a recent store only release of 100 boxes of 25 cigars to Michael’s Tobacco. Michael’s has two location in the greater Fort Worth area, one in Keller and one in Euless.

The La Aurora Preferido Black Diamond #1 is a 6×58 double perfecto. The blend is a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper over a Dominican maduro binder and Dominican fillers. The blend is the same as the standard #2 release. When asked about how this cigar came about for Michael’s, owner Mike Peacock had this to say to The Cigar Nut:

“We took a group of customers down to the Dominican Republic last year. While there, all were given the opportunity to smoke the “Black Diamond” tubo. All were crazy about the blend. We had the opportunity to have a cigar made exclusively for Michael’s and I chose the Diamond blend in the #1 Preferido size. After many months of waiting, they arrived at the store in July. It has had great reception. With only 100 boxes being produced we think it will move out of here quickly.”

The cigar features the standard Black Diamond band as well as an secondary Michael’s Tobacco band just below it. The cigar is a very nice looking double perfecto. The cigar was well constructed and had no soft spots, or blemishes on the dark wrapper. The wrapper had a rich chocolate note on the nose. I clipped the cigar and did a dry draw, notes of the cocoa were prevalent as well as rich tobacco.

Once I lit the cigar the first third gave me a wonderful flavor of roasted nuts mixed with rich dark cocoa. The flavors were very well balanced and very full while presenting with a medium strength. Some people tend to have problems with the perfecto vitola when it comes to burn, especially in the first third as it makes its first transition in size, this cigar had no uneven burn at all. The draw was slightly tight in the beginning as to be expected, once the burn came to the bulb of the cigar it opened up and produced a fair amount of smoke.

The first portion of the second third was a continuation of the first, though it began to evolve to have an earthy sweetness that mixed and really made for a nice flavor. As the second third progressed the cigar began to pick up in spice and was really putting off a pepper spice. In the second third I also notice that the strength of the cigar picked up quiet a bit. At this point I say the cigar is at the very top end of medium even into the low end of full on the strength.

As I moved into the last third of the cigar, which is also the taper for a perfecto of this size, the profile moved to a strong coffee or espresso flavor with the pepper spice still being prevalent. The cigar finished with these flavors and never became harsh. In the end the cigar never began to burn hot or produce hot smoke. The cigar finished as a full strength smoke.

If you are a fan of full flavor full strength cigars then this is a BOX WORTHY cigar. For every one else I would suggest to try one if you have the ability to get them from Michael’s. I recommend smoking this cigar in the evening time after a meal as I found this to be sneaky strong. I think that this was a great job by La Aurora for the manufacturing side of this and for Michael’s for bringing this cigar to the shop at a price that I find to be very fair for this cigar.

Michael’s Tobacco of Keller
750 S. Main St Suit 100
Keller, Texas 76428

Michael’s Tobacco of Euless
1301 Glade Rd. #180
Euless, Texas 76039

-Brandon K.

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