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Cigar Review : La Herencia Cubana CORE by David

Behind The Stick:

There are certain names within the industry that simply command a certain level of respect. For me, one of those individuals is AJ Fernandez, the famous master blender. Yes this is the same man who has produced the ITC 10th, Diesel, Man O’ War Ruination and SOl Cubano Cuban Cabinet – although now he is back again with the La Herencia Cubana CORE. This cigar has been a self toted ‘premium, hand-made, boutique blend that captures the essence of true Nicaraguan tobacco”. While this is not the first cigar released under the La Herencia Cubana name, nor has it been confirmed if this cigar is even made in the Tabacalera Fernandez factory or if it is rolled by a local Cigar Celebrity, Roberto Ramirez in Ybor City, Florida.


The first release under this name was the La Herencia Cubana which was shortly followed up by the LHC Oscuro Fuerte which both were produced under the ‘budget friendly cigar’ category, ultimately keeping the lid on their operation. While the other cigars were ‘good’ neither one of them stood out enough to really deem any special attention – that is – until the CORE. Without too much of a background on the cigar itself – and you all know how I love a good back story – it appears this is the companies first real attempt at pushing the ‘premium cigar’ envelope with the premium cigar price tag to boot. Lets see how the La Herencia Cubana CORE does!

Vitolas Produced: 660 Gordo ( 6 x 60 ), Belicoso ( 6.2 x 52 ), Dagger ( 4.5 x 52 ), Robusto ( 5 x 52 ), Toro ( 6.5 x 52 )

Vitola Sampled: Robusto ( 5 x 52 )

Wrapper: Habano Ecuador Sun-grown Ligero

Binder and Filler: Esteli Habano Viso & Ligero, Jamastran Ligero, Pensylvania Broadleaf, Nicaraguan Ometempe Ligero

Strength: Medium

Price: $9.00 USD each

Factory / Country of Origin: Tabacalera Fernandez / USA – Ybor City, Florida

Release Type: Regular Production

Release Date: Unknown



While evenly packed from head to foot, the dark chocolate brown wrapper is offset only by a light brown band that carries and artistic yet simple design the name of the company and the cigar itself, CORE. The wrapper itself is essentially void of any real defining notes with more ‘character’ coming from the band than the wrapper. A hardly visible seam with even harder to see veins and a haphazardly placed cap that clipped easily, I wish I could speak of the ‘feel’ to this cigar but like a glass of home brewed beer – it speaks of an ‘experience’.



When you think of a classic “cigar”, the La Herencia Cubana CORE is a stick that is going to produce those classic flavors. In your face notes of dark earth, leather and crisp black pepper fill your sinus on the retrohale, a barnyard and earthy undertone strict and stout on the finish. While the linear flavor profile drives this cigar, subtle notes of toasted nuts and an almost cream like thickness to the feel of the smoke, the warm pepper retrohale notes did more than blended well.



While not the most complex, the flavors were precise and enjoyable. The La Herencia Cubana CORE has been the third release from a company who has been playing the ‘budget’ smoke right out the gate and now seems to be charging just south of $10 a stick. I love a cigar with a good back story, character to the cigar or a complex flavor profile and while this cigar is completely void of any of these things, I would still recommend it, with a catch. One of the hardest things for any new company to do, is to create a following as strong as the ‘big dogs’ and while AJ Fernandez, himself, has gotten a large following for his blending abilities – I hate to be the bearer but I do not think the La Herencia Cubana line will do it, unless more are like the CORE.


A little high priced for me, $9 a single is a bit more than I would have expected to pay for this cigar but for a 5 pack – this is not highway robbery. Hell – who knows it could fit perfectly into what you are looking for and be box worthy but for me personally, if I am going to drop the equivalent of 3 gallons of gas, a light lunch or a toy for my daughter I expect a little more than a ‘yard gar’ – but again this is just me. If you can find these at a reasonable price or if you have been looking for a cigar that provides the solid ‘classic’ cigar flavors – the La Herencia Cubana CORE is the cigar for you! If you have had a chance to try one, let us know what you thought!

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memory

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